"I've worked closely with Western Technical Institute on several projects including getting their Cisco Networking Academy off the ground and aiding with the design of their Technology Center Network. For any student wanting to learn about the networking field, the Cisco Networking Academy is unmatched in terms of curriculum. It is offered in book form and on line making complex material easier to understand. Additionally, students get to work with actual routers and switches building LANs and virtual WANs. WTI's new network is incredible, they are able to offer their students high bandwidth to the desk top. Also, students are now able to access the internet and the schools intranet through wireless access points throughout the school. This allows students who are issued laptops to study in the library, break areas, or even in the parking lot. I've seen many schools and I have to say this is a flag ship campus. "

-Barbara Walker, Cisco

"I've turned to WTI over the last couple of years to help me obtain qualified service technicians. I believe the training the students receive in the Refrigeration/HVAC program at WTI great and students come out of program with a very good foundation."

-Arturo Rodriguez, King's Aire

"I have hired WTI Electronic Program graduates over the last several years. They are very productive employees because they were well trained in Electronics and troubleshooting. WTI offers a quality curriculum and emphasize 'hands on training'. They produce the type of graduate Spectrum Imaging will continue to hire for years to come."

-Pablo Castanon Spectrum Imaging