"I attended the Electronics Microcomputer Program at Western Technical Institute. I can honestly say the knowledge and skills I picked up at the school were crucial in my obtaining my current position at Spectrum. The instructors were knowledgeable in their subject areas and they know how to teach. I encourage anyone out there looking at the Electronics or Information Technology field to compare WTI to any other school. For a good future call WTI."

-Jim Brown, of Spectrum Imaging

"As a graqduate of Western Technical Institute, I was impressed with the school's faculty. Most of their instructors are certified in the area's that they are teaching in, they have MCT's, MCSE's, CCNA's and CNE;s to name a few. Their experience played an important role in helping me achieve my certifications. I am now the system administrator for a large network and I am responsible for many servers and clients. I love my job and what I do, Thank You WTI!!! "

-Wayne Poole, Spec-Pro

"I am very pleased with the level of training I received at Western Technical Institute. The instructor's were very knowledgeable and patient. Best of all, I have been able to put my training and education to use at a job I love."

-Doug Howarth, Raytheon (Graduate Welding Program)