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Fromthe results that were obtained, the Pearson correlation coefficientdid not reach significance. This means that there is a weakrelationship between the two variables in this study. There is a weakrelationship between Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) scores (thetotal of all subtests) and graduate school grade point averages(GPAs) at the end of their graduate programs. Therefore, the changesthat exist in one variable say the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE)scores are not correlated with the changes in the second variable,that is, graduate school grade point averages (GPAs). It is worthnoting that the variables are not strongly correlated with theresults obtained (Cohen et al., 2013).

Generalizationof the result is largely dependent on the number of graduate studentsin electrical engineering master`s programs across the United Statesthat were included in the study. Taking large number may not be aguarantee as large is relative. There are high chances that thenumber used represented just a small sample for the study, as thereare high chances that only a few participants were included in thesurvey (Zou, Tuncali &amp Silverman, 2003). This might have resultedin the low the significance level.

Generalizingthe results is still not an option as even when the authorconveniently accessed the GRE scores and GPAs of a large number ofgraduate students who have graduated from the electrical engineeringmaster`s program at an Ivy League university between 2000 and 2013.This is because when there are large samples, existence of manyparticipants, the small correlations that exist are likely to turnout as very misleading when established to be significant (Hair,2010).


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