A Happy Marriage Makes a Person’s Life Longer

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AHappy Marriage Makes a Person’s Life Longer

Ahappy marriage refers to a situation whereby a couple or partnerslive together in a marriage showing the real love for each other.During this period there are minimal confrontations that can lead todivorce. Such couples have good approaches to solving any upcomingdifferences within a short time possible. If someone manages to livein a happy marriage, there are higher possibilities of having ahealthy life than those people who prefer to live alone eitherthrough divorce or as a choice. The people who opt to live as singlesurvive with frustrations and expectations at the same time (Sirrine,25). Some of the questions that go around their mind include how isthe society considering me while living a single life? Will I getmarried in future? Will I get married and get frustrated like fromthe previous marriage? There are some causes and effects of a happymarriage as discussed in the paper.

Thepartners should practice and be committed to certain morals, valuesand behaviors for a happy and prosperous marriage. Some causes of ahappy marriage include every partner should avoid committingadultery, should be God-fearing, have cognitive behaviors orcharacters, and always communicate to each during happy moments ordifficult times. For example, they should apologize for each otherfor any mistake, change an arguing topic if it becomes hostile, stayand laugh together, and learn how to solve the differences when theyarise (Sirrine, 27). Proper preparation before marrying alsocontributes to a happy marriage. Effects of a happy marriage arehaving a lovely family where children are obedient, respectful, andhard-working, and the partners will have a good health because ofliving in stress-free environment irrespective of being poor orwealthy. The spouses would also accumulate wealth and be a role modelof effective parenting.

Aperson should not hide anything to his or her partner and be real andhonest in a relationship. If the partners in a marriage love eachother, then they should not fear to tell about love matters (Sirrine,35). They should occasionally satisfy each other with love to preventcheating and in that way they live a happy marriage. The God-fearingindividuals know that marriage is a covenant between a couple asstated in the Bible and will ensure not to cheat on his or herpartner. The Bible says that the married partners should always loveeach other and it also condemns about divorce. The partners will livein a happy marriage life if both of them are God-fearing and read theBible to seek guidelines for better living. The couples should alwaystell the truth to each other for a happy marriage.

Weddingpreparation plays a crucial role in a happy marriage (Sirrine, 44).The couples who marry while both are emotionally and financiallystable live a better marriage life than those who jump in to marriagethrough passion and romance. Before a wedding, the couples shouldensure they have a permanent house, financially stable and be readyto have kids and in this way, they will avoid confrontations whichcan lead to divorce. Every partner in a marriage should haveconsistent behaviors to avoid irritating and annoying each other.Spouses especially men should avoid being addicted to drugs,gambling, alcohol or watching pornographic films. Addictionsinfluence an individual to make bad decisions towards marriage andcan cause divorce. The partners who do not use drugs and haveconsistent behaviors live happily unlike drug abusers.

Someimperfections or problems might come along between partners, and theyshould recognize that and find solutions through communication. Inevery couple, confrontations, arguments or disagreements areexpected, and if such a scenario occurs, it is better to say sorry orapologize than keeping quiet. Both spouses will become relieved andlive comfortably without any grudge or blame hence a happy marriagelife. The spouses should avoid insults, name calling or curse eachother whenever an argument arises because it can bring a breakdown oftheir relationship. Every partner should be loved, respected andappreciated either in public or at home (Sirrine, 38). The strengthsand talents of each other should always be appreciated.

Havinga lovely family is one of the effects of a happy marriage. The kidswho are raised by loving parents are less likely to suffer fromimportunate economic insecurity. The children will grow with goodbehaviors and join and attend schools for education. Their parentswill try their best to educate their children up to university levelfor better future. The children who are raised in a happy marriagewill experience less severe depression or emotional illness which canlead to committing suicide. The boys who are raised by both are lesslikely to engage in criminal and violence activities unlike thoseraised by single parents. Finally, the children will grow withpositive attitudes of getting married in future.

Ina happy marriage, the spouses would always love each other, laughmost of the time, play and stay together without stress and can livea long life. A happy couple could also have a good physical andmental health unlike in volatile marriages where the spouses canseriously harm each if they engage in to fight or cause depression.Married spouses are less prone to engage in crimes or violence thanunmarried people. Happy married partners will always live peacefullyand in good health because there is no conflict, disagreement, abuse,or cheating which can lead to depression. Depression causes diabetesor hypertension which can lead to health complications to aspouse(s), thus lowering the life expectancy (Sirrine, 46).

Accordingto Sirrine, (47), loving partners will be able to plan together for abetter future. For example, they will try all means of accumulatingmore wealth for their future and those of their children. Caring foreach other is also a good measure for living long. The spouses willtake care of each other financially, emotionally and in health. Ifthe partners take care of each other, it brings a sense of belonging,hence living a happy life. Caring involves being fully committed toeach other during the happy moments or difficult situations. It isopposite for unhappy marriages where the spouses laugh, escape orblame from each other during the difficult times. The spouses willalways create time for each other and enjoy to the fullest.

Inconclusion, people should choose the right partners and whom theylove and trust to live happy, in a happy marriage, with good healthand live long. Married people should learn how to solve thedifferences whenever they arise. Couples should not cheat, abuse, orlie to each other. It is better to have adequate time in courtship toknow all the likes and dislikes, habits, behaviors, and characters ofa person than to wait until marriage. Couples should avoid hidingdrug or alcohol addictions during courtship because can lead tomarriage breakdown or a stressful marriage if exposed later and cancontribute to poor health. Instead, the couples should focus on theimportance of marriage and solve conflicting issues in order to raisetheir children well and live a happy and healthy marriage until deathparts them away.


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