“A Small Good Thing” Writer

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“A SmallGood Thing”


“A SmallGood Thing”

Observation About AuthorWriting Style

In “ASmall, Good Thing by Raymond Carver”, thetheme of conflict, helplessness situation , misfortune ,loneliness,inaccessibility and clash have used. The writing style of RaymoondCarver takes you to the real world and represents the most genuineand heartbreaking depiction about normal people.Undoubtly, it is afascinating story in which Carver has showed the ability ofrepresenting the extraordinary and thought-provoking imaginationwithin the simple writing style.

Detail In Story Line

During ordering Scotty’sbirthday cake, Ann is trying to know about the baker children.Thispoint is significant as she is appread to make the logical connectionwith the baker .And emphasizing on the vision that the baker shouldhave been delighted and excited during the time of his childbirthday.This specific aspect would give the impression offoreshadowing, later when the baker,Howard and Ann are meeting afterthe death of Scotty.

Author Intension

The author intention is thatthe readers take an idea of isolation in this story.By learning thatthe baker gives sixteen hours of time to his work ,it is seems likethis is all baker does.Carver also mentioned that the baker has noconnection with his family and he has no children.This would appearas the baker is completely isolated from his family.

Interesting Moment In TheNarrative

This 13 pages based shortstory takes you to the emotional journey along with Howard and Ann.And the explanation of Carver about their reactions gives us deepthought to understand the situation that we do not want to experiencein our real life.

Ways In Which ReadingGrabbles With The Subject Of Death And Dying

At the end ofthis story, Raymond Carver showed the symbolic link between threecharacters.After the death of Scotty ,Ann tells “Scotty gone nowand we will have to get used to to being alone”. The same feelingexpresses by the baker that he is lonely.It is very clear that thethe death of Scotty’s and Franklin is an emotional tragedy ,Carveris suggesting ,it might possible the people who faces tragedy canconnect with each other and give hope to each other (&quotA Small,Good Thing Themes – eNotes.com&quot, 2016, p.n.d).


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