A Wedding Ceremony I Attended

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AWedding Ceremony I Attended

AWedding Ceremony I Attended

Aknown saying among the Bengalis states that there are twelve seasonsthat we both have, but the thirteenth one must be marked with acelebration. One of these celebrations is marriage (Bertella, 2016).The season destined for marriage comes with it that moment thatunites together two families. Also, it is this season that brings funto children in a family as well as also being that season that bringsfestival for the elderly. Similarly, this season is a season fordoing shopping to newlywed couples in the family.

Aweek ago, I was among the guests at my cousin`s place as part ofthose who attended her wedding. She is older than me in age, andagain this was indeed my very first time of being active on suchoccasions (Carr, 2012). With the considerations of our society normsand customs, the preparations towards the wedding ceremony startedtwo months before the actual day of the event. Some of thosepreparations entailed the distribution of the invitation of cards andalso making invites to all the relatives apart from also makingconfirmation if they have received invitation cards and if they arepart of the occasion.

Mycultural immersion experience

Thewedding ceremony started with the ritual application of the turmericpaste on the bride. However, the exact enjoyment began in the noonhours after my sister opted to sit for the bridal makeover. In thiscase, my sister was on this occasion making a fuss over the same byadmitting that her bindi was not auguring well with her saree(&quotPheromone Parties, Nerdy Nuptials, Wedding Day Preparedness,&quot2012). Likewise, the makeup on her eyes appeared a bit louder plusalso her hair make up that also some seemed not properly done,however she was all beautiful all over the face.

Asfar as my conscience is concerned, I can still recall very well thatwe were involved in the selection of those items for the weddingparty for ten days. After that, we began the real preparations thatfirst started with the packing of those gifts that were for both thebride and the groom’s families (Kimport, 2012). According to ourculture, this prize was as the Tatta. The gift here was indeed notjust sent the way someone may imagine in that easy manner. In fact,they were packed on trays and then given decoration with paperflowers and Thermo-cool balls as well also the being packed withthose papers that were also colored. The gifts in discussion herewere presented to the bride who at this juncture had no choice but tostart a new life with her newlywed man who is the husband (Man-Kong &ampRiley, 2013). At this time, I was the one responsible for the properpacking and decoration of those gifts that were being presented tothe couples. I was lucky at this juncture to have my younger brotherand sister who were also assisting me in doing the same. In the end,pride entered into me such that I started developing the feeling ofbeing much more of value than other people who had also attended thewedding occasion.

Myself-awareness to eliminate the influence of personal biases andvalues in working with diverse individuals, families and small groupsduring the occasion

Surely,being part of a Wedding is indeed a guarantee for you with that nicefeeling of cheerfulness (McCall Smith, 2011). The feeling here tendsto make you tolerate it despite such eccentric relatives within thefamily who at some occasions such as my aunt in my case is fond ofsending people to have a shower on any occasion she comes across aperson whom according to her she feels is dirty.

Thewedding day was very hectic. There was a huge canopy that was builtto serve as a reception for the marriage party. The canopy itselflooked very tasteful due to its decoration with buntings (Napompech,2014). On the same note, there was a ready big gate. Similarly, theoccasion had provision for special arrangements for dinner that wasadjoining to the stamina. The catering team made preparations ofdelicious dishes for serving during the party. In front of the househad beautifully decorated bulbs that were indeed shining. Each andevery individual was very busy. None ever had the idea of going tohave meals.

Whenthe evening time approached, all the relatives arrived, and the housewas indeed bright and shining of all colors. Each and every one wasneatly dressed and was appearing pretty. However, the remarkable andthe best part of the action reached when the wedding was to takeplace at night hours (Richardson, 2011). At this time, my sistercontinued to levy complaints of being hungry. Each and every onecould eat except her who had to abide with the rituals. Meanwhile, bybeing the bridesmaid, I had full confidence that I was close to thegirl who was the best regarding dressing in the party. According tome here was only second to the bride herself.

Despitethe enjoying moments, there was also another worst moment wheninstances of fun almost concluded at the time when the bride wasleaving. Each and every one appeared to be a bit sad while on theother hand, my sister began to cry. During this juncture, theatmosphere was tensed such that even those persons who not evenrelated to my sister also felt the incidences of sadness upon herloss (Smith, 2015). Likewise, to us that were her relatives, it washard for us to hold the pain that was rolling down from our eyes. Forinstance, my only four-year-old sister sought to know why our sisterhad to live after the conclusion of the wedding occasion. She wasvery surprised on why the sister could not hold onto staying with us.To us, we lacked an appropriate answer to give her since we were alsoat grief following the development of the incidence altogether.

Aftereach and every one had all gone, and the house seem or remainedsilent, the elders concluded with a prayer that gives thanks to thehappy family for finalizing their ceremony. On our part as theyoungsters, we decided to come up with the resolution that we have nooption but to stay with our beloved parents after marriage (Kimport,2012). The instance made the elders laugh out in unity since theywere surprised with our resolution. However, to us, believed that weerased the mood of sadness and in turn ushering the atmosphere ofhappiness as the occasion concluded.

Howto adapt practice skills to changing locales, population, scientificand technological development and emerging social trends

Inthis case, it calls for the engagement, intervention and theevaluation of individuals, organizations, families, and communitiesover the issues raised above. Professional practice, on the otherhand, entails the dynamism and the interaction processes that combineengagement, assessment, intervention and the evaluation at variouslevels (Kimport, 2012). Due to this, social workers must have theknowledge and skills that will enable to practice with individuals,groups, families, organizations and the society as a whole. Likewise,the practice knowledge comprises of the identification, analysis andthe implementation of the evidence orientated interventions that havethe goals of realizing the aims of a client. In this situation, theinstance makes use of the advancement in technology, evaluation ofresults (Smith, 2015) and practices associated with effectiveness.Others include the development, analysis, advocating and theprovision of policies of leadership and services as well as thepromotion of both social and economic justice altogether.


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