Active Listening and Writing Assignment

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ActiveListening and Writing Assignment

ActiveListening and Writing Assignment

1.The country that I have selected for the essay is France. I selectedthe country because it has several travel and hospitalitydestinations that are attractive.

2.The video that describes the travel details in France effectively isthe ParisSide-Trips.The video illustrates extravagant sites that hosted the elites duringthe pre-revolutionary period in France. These elites comprisedindividuals from the royal and the aristocratic communities (RickSteves` Europe, 2016).

3.The video explores five key travel destinations in Paris, France.Château de Versailles is a popular attraction for both domestic andinternational tourists. The Château palace has lavish andchandeliered rooms that were preferred by the elites for example,Louis XIV. The outside environment comprises beautiful gardens,fountains, and statues. Château de Pray provides the visitors withthe opportunity to sleep inside a medieval and fortified castle. Thebuilding is rich in history because it was developed 770 years ago(Steves, 2013). Other important features in the building are backyardterrace, garden, and pool. Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte is attractivebecause it illustrates an integrated framework of architecture,landscape design, and interior décor. Chartres Cathedral is a uniqueGothic structure in the entire Europe. The building is developedusing magnificent carvings and huge stained glass. The church wasrenovated 30 years ago. Château de Fontainebleau was designed by anItalian professional. François I used the foreign developer becausehe was attracted by the structural developments in ReconnaissanceItaly. Many rulers for example, Napoleon Bonaparte, regularlyvisited Fontainebleau (Rick Steves` Europe, 2016).

4.I enjoyed the video because it illustrates popular tourist andhospitality sites that have historical, architectural, and politicalsignificance.

5.The video host communicates in a clear and articulate manner. I wasable to understand all the information that he provided concerningtravel details in Paris. His body language is friendly, and thisimproves the attention of the audience.

6.I have never visited or resided in France. I will visit France in thefuture because of the attractive cultural, architectural, andhistorical destinations.


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