Adolescent Physical Development Essay

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AdolescentPhysical Development Essay

AdolescentPhysical Development Essay

Teenagersoften experience dramatic emotional and physical changes as part oftheir formative puberty years. However,during the past decade, there has been some semblance of peculiaritywith puberty starting early with each passing generation (DeVitis,2010).Adolescence entails the formative years during which one transitionsfrom childhood to adulthood. Physical changes are often the epitomeof puberty which often lasts for about four years and culminates withthe ability to reproduce. For girls, it is the capacity to get theirfirst menstrual cycle while boys capacity to produce sperms (Farber,2009).In recent times, puberty has been starting early for girls and boysthan it did a century ago. However, the end of puberty for the pastgenerations has leveled off somewhat, but the beginning is continuingto get earlier especially for girls (DeVitis,2010).Boys and girls often tend to have a different genetic predispositionfor when they experience poverty.

Theprobable causes for the start of trends in puberty are bothperipheral and central. Centralprecocious puberty is the more common cause of the changes in thetrend. The process despite being similar to normal to pubertyemanates from the fact that the pituitary gland producing hormonescalled the gonadotropins (DeVitis,2010).In recent years, the hormones had its production in both girls andboys. The other cause of early changes in the puberty trends over thepast century has been peripheral precocious puberty also called thepseudo-puberty. It is a rare condition where there is the productionof testosterone and estrogen which triggers the changes. Geneticchanges and modifications over the past century have prompted theproduction of the said hormones (Farber,2009).Othercauses of the variations in the trend include premature thelarche andpremature pubarche.

Thereare many ways through which premature puberty might affect physicaldevelopment in the adolescent. Earlydevelopment of breasts, growing taller for girls and early menstrualcycle may act in a way such as to promote embarrassment (Farber,2009).Additionally, early physical development of adolescents at a youngage may prompt them to act like adults even when they are notsupposed to. Despite being and looking physically ready, anadolescent may not be emotionally ready to start dating. Earlyphysical development does not accord the adolescent enough time ofadjusting to puberty. TheEarly physical development also comes with the pressure of growing uptoo soon forcing the adolescent to take up duties which they may notbe up to the task (DeVitis,2010).Finally, one of the major effects of early physical development isthe lack of enough time for one to enjoy being a teenager.

Adolescentsoften undergo a roller-coaster of emotions in every facet of lifeincluding classroom behavior. Earlyphysical development by adolescents often tends to make theirclassroom behavior difficult to understand and unpredictable(DeVitis,2010).In most instances, there is usually an exhilarating of prospects,momentary moments of tranquil during the different sections ofleveling off and the sheer terror of descents. Moreover, there is ananticipation which acts in keeping the flow of adrenaline offeringthem a semblance of peace at bay while in class. Due to their earlyphysical development, adolescents experiencing early puberty oftentend to feel like the big-sibling figure among their peers.Consequently,such teenagers are often the go-to people whenever there is a problemin class (Farber,2009).The presence of the early physical development in class often comeswith an overwhelming sense of maturity for the affected.

Technologyand computers often take up much of teens’ time. Despite the factthat there are perks to technology there are lots of negative sideeffects associated with it. Arecent survey concluded that teenagers often spend averagely 7 hoursand 38 minutes per day interacting with at least one form ofentertainment media (Fulton-Calkinsand Stulz, 2009).Consequently,it is important to model some technology or cyber etiquette to helpfacilitate and regulate the use of technology especially theinternet. One way of inculcating proper online behavior is enforcingthe golden rule: “do unto others as you would have them do foryou.” Moreover, it is important to bring it to the attention of theadolescent that once they post anything online it becomes public anda published post is by any means traceable. Anyposting online is synonymous with creating a cyber-fingerprint.Finally, it is inadvisable to post anything online when one isboiling with emotions (Minahanand Rappaport, 2012).It is never a good idea to post anything whatsoever when emotions arein play. It is important that an adolescent takes his or her time toclear her head and deal with the situation effectively.

Oneof the most important professional techniques of dealing with theimproper use of technology is acknowledging the problem at hand.Acceptance goes a long way in ensuring expedited recovery process,especially where there has been too much damage (Fulton-Calkinsand Stulz, 2009).Finding the causes of the improper use of technology and acting in away to prevent future problems from emanating from that channel isalso another way of dealing with the improper use of technology.


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