Adoption of Evidence-based Practice in Nursing Care

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Adoptionof Evidence-based Practice in Nursing Care

Adoptionof Evidence-based Practice in Nursing Care

The hospital recently introduced a practice that entailed givinginstructions to patients immediately after discharge on how they cancare for themselves. Initially, patients were expected to stay in thehospital for an extended duration of time as they were attended to bythe patients. However, with the adoption of the change in practice,it was recommended that patients be advised on how to care forthemselves until they got well. Patients were educated on how theywould care for themselves depending on the nature of condition theywere suffering from. They were expected to confirm that they haveunderstood the instructions and could care for themselves as needed.

The change in nursing practice could have been because of thefindings of the research. It was evident that the adoption of thepractice method was attributed to the research. The findingsindicating an improved patient outcome amongst different participantsin a study confirmed the fact that it could be prudent to havepatients be exposed to self-care.

As a nurse leader, one has the mandate of ensuring that they focus ongetting the best patient outcomes at any given time. Evidence-basedresearch has become a common activity in nursing practice (Mitchell,2013). As a leader, it is essential to educate the rest of thenurses on the best approaches of employing research findings tofacilitate service delivery. The practice setting can adopt differentresearch and use the same when caring for patients. Evidence-basedpractice helps in the improvement of clinical care for the patients(Mccrae, 2012). Research that has been conducted in the given areacan be evaluated to determine whether or not is appropriate for usein the practice environment. Evidence-based practice research isessential since it has shown remarkable results when it comes toimprovement of patient outcomes (Debout, 2012).


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