American Eating Habits

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People have different preferences when it comes to the food theyeat. There are some who prefer to eat vegetables, others consume meatproducts, while others consume both food types. Eating habits dependon what food individuals have been exposed to from an early age,foods that are affordable and easily available. In specific, Americaneating habits are characterized by a higher consumption of fastfoods, which resonates to detrimental food choices. In the followingdiscussion, the essay demonstrates how American eating habits areunhealthy.


The United States eating behaviors are unhealthy because manyAmericans prefer to consume fast foods as compared to healthy foodchoices. The country is home to the best pizzas, fries, burgers,sodas, hot dogs and beef products. For instance, it is common to comeacross more than one individual, on a daily basis, walking whileeating a burger or hot dog. Most of these foods are accompanied by adrink, such as a soda. Rarely will one come across a person on thestreets walking while consuming healthy foods, such as an apple. Thisis a clear indication that most Americans seem less concerned aboutwhat they eat. Many will choose to eat without paying considerationto the type of food, which explains the widespread poor eating habitsin the U.S.

The reasons why more people consume junk foods is due to theiravailability and affordability. There are many fast food joints allover America. These joints are located in close proximity to homes,learning institutions and work places. Hence, Americans opt to buywhat is readily available as compared to having to go to malls toshop for healthy food choices. Also, fast foods are ready to eat,which reduces the time and hustle that may be associated withcooking. This is especially the case for families where parents workfor long hours and are too tired to cook, by the time they get home.Such parents opt to buy food that is already available and cooked,which mainly comprises of junk foods. Due to the influence parentshave on their children, by eating more of unhealthy foods, instead ofpreparing healthy meals, they encourage their children to pick uppoor eating habits.

In addition, most of these fast food joints compete amongstthemselves to provide the best offers and food products to customers.In the process, they have become famous eating places. Consumers aremore aware of joints that sell junk food than those selling healthyfood choices. For example, people know where the best fries are sold,the fast food joints that sell the biggest pizzas or joints that haveextra toppings for foods bought. While such offers are important tobusinesses, they greatly influence American eating habits. This isbased on the fact that, they encourage individuals to try out eatingjunk food from different eateries, with the objective of sampling thebest foods, which encourages individuals to develop unhealthy eatingbehaviors.

American eating habits are largely harmful because most civilians areable to pay for unhealthy foods due to their affordability. Forinstance, it is cheaper to buy junk foods as compared to buyingfruits, vegetables, healthy dairy foods and foods rich in fiber amongother healthy foods. In households where families are struggling tosurvive, they will opt to eat the type of food they can afford topurchase. In a different illustration, students who struggle tosurvive in learning institutions must devise ways of saving money.One such saving strategy is apparent in buying affordable foods. Inthe process, individuals become accustomed to consuming processedfoods, resulting in bad eating habits.

By observing a majority of the American population, it is apparentthat the country’s eating habits are unhealthy. Based on rankingsfrom the media, the U.S. has been rated as one of the countries withthe highest rates of obesity. There is a high population ofindividuals who are overweight. It is especially alarming that somechildren are also characterized as obese. When compared to adults,children do not have control over what they eat. They consume what isprovided to them by their parents. But because some or most of theparents are also overweight they tend to be less concerned abouttheir children’s eating habits. Obesity is caused byoverconsumption of foods that have high calories content. A nationcomprising of more obese individuals is the perfect illustration ofunhealthy eating preferences by Americans.


American eating habits can generally be described as unhealthy.Americans have an eating culture that is characterized by theconsumption of junk foods. These foods are easily affordable andavailable. They are cheaper as compared to healthy food choices. Fastfoods can easily be purchased from fast food joints that are locatedall over the country. Since they are already cooked, individualsconsider them more convenient to having to prepare a healthy meal.Also, junk foods have high calorie content, which leads to thebuildup of excess fat, resulting in obesity, which is a conditionwidespread in the United States.

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