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AmericanPolitical Thought

Chapterseventeen of Beitzinger’s (2011) book AHistory of American Political Thought speakswidely on the topic of reconstruction. The chapter focuses on themajor events that occurred during the Civil War of 1861 to theelectoral crisis of 1876. During the war, the author states that oversix hundred thousand soldiers were killed and over half a millioninjured in the quest to create a republic that is singular ratherthan plural. The primary focus after the war was to reconstruct thenation under the rule of the federal government which took authorityover the individual state governments.

Beitzinger’s(2011) puts that later, different leaders came up and developed theirplans on how to reconstruct the nation. Abraham Lincoln came up witha scheme of bringing back the seceded states and free the slaves(Beitzinger,2011).He succeeded in ensuring that the slaves were freed and that noracist actuation was done on the land. Lincoln believed that he hadsuccessfully overcome the racist’s forces but was assassinated,hence leaving the plans of reconstruction to the racist, AndrewJohnson (Beitzinger, 2011). The paper goes on to give accounts of thethings that happened after the death of Lincoln. The activitiesincluded the Congress Reconstruction and the impeachment crisis of1867, woman suffrage and reconstruction, the land labor, the age ofcapital, among much more. It is during this period as explained byBeitzinger (2011), that the important steps and decisions were made.

Inchapter eighteen, the author speaks of the establishment of nationalsupremacy. This chapter is a continuation of chapter seventeen, as itgives the account of how the laws of the land were developed. It alsospeaks of the bid to create a nation that is independent andrespected for the might and ability to develop significant decisionson its own. The chapter described the various powers of thegovernment and how each has its significance.


Beitzinger,A. J. (2011).&nbspAhistory of American political thought.Wipf and Stock Publishers.

American Political Thought

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AmericanPolitical Thought

AmericanPolitical Thought

TheUnited States of America’s campaigns are at their peak as the twocandidates are all over each other’s neck to win the hearts of thecitizens. The campaign of Donald Trump had been severely affected bythe recent release of the 2005 tape where he took pride and boastedof assaulting women. Following this, I felt that he was making anextra effort to remain focused and relaxed. The Sunday night secondpresidential debate held at Washington University in St. Louis,offered a chance to the two aspirants to lure the American voters totheir camp. I have always viewed Trump as an individual that isoverconfident of himself. However, on the stage, Trump paced around,seemed erratic and continually interrupted Hillary, who remainedsteady, although unspectacular and was careful not to get on thewrong side of Trump’s attempts to start a political brawl. In thisessay, the recent presidential debate will be briefly discussed as Ireflect on what transpired during the argument.

Tobegin with, I watched the debate on television, where I noted thatTrump lashing out at Hillary Clinton, threatening to indict andconfine her if elected into office for her private email controversywhen she was secretary of state. However, I also noticed that Hillarydid not go down without a fight, she accused Trump of degrading anddisrespecting women. Trump did not agree that the 2005 videoconsisted of sexual harassment, but after some questions, he deniedever assaulting or kissing women without their consent. He said hewas ashamed of it and apologized to the American people and hisfamily as well. I my view this made trump appear human and humblebefore his electorates since he rarely apologizes for anything. Trump also showed is individualistic personality when he sharplyrebuked his running mate, Mike Pence, on his part for striking theAssad Regime. Furthermore, I also noticed differences on the issuesraised as the candidates took diverging approaches on the Islamphobia and minority people issues, health care, tax returns, andforeign policy in Syria, among others. What I liked most in theclimax of the debate, whereby both candidates complimenting eachother for the first time.

Inconclusion, these debates are usually heated and robust as the twocandidates are using every political weapon against each other to winthis most anticipated event of all time. In addition to this, voterswill have to choose wisely between the two before putting any of theminto power. However, I felt that debate went off the issues thataffect Americans as the candidates mostly avoided such topics andinstead focused on attacking each other.

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