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Lobbyingis trying to influence the legislation outcomes by interacting withgovernment officials. Many people may hold lobbying with contemptsince the processes of lobbying implicate the people with excessivesocioeconomic powers to corrupt the law to serve their interests.With the strength and influence of lobbyists still unclear, it isevident that lobbying influences public policies. An area I wouldapply lobbying in the American politics is on the gun rights issue.It is evident that the weapon regulations and legislation laws givestagnant improvements. Lobbying to protect the right to a gunownership would be a successful attempt to preserve the rights of thegun holders in the nation. It is so since the lobbyists concernedwith preserving gun ownership work closely and influence immensely tothe legislation groups in charge of creating gun regulations.

TheRatings Game

Inthe Rating Game, the interest groups publish the voting records ofthe members of the legislature. The records of the votes lie on abasis on interests held by the group. If the group gets higherratings, that means there is huge support for the agendas importantto the interested people. Lower ratings mean there is higheropposition to the imperative issues. The application of the ratinggame would be within my party or members we hold the same specialinterests. Since it is impossible to encourage our followers to votefor or against a particular candidate of or party, we would achievethe same results by notifying the members of the candidate’sposition and belief on the issues of interest. We would display theposition the candidates take on the issues that are imperative to theparty.


Campaignassistance includes endorsements for the election processes, whereunpaid volunteers work to guarantee winning for a particularcandidate in an election. The volunteers publicize the particularaspirant to the party members and followers, and donations are madeto support their cause. In my presidential bid, there is room toreceive campaign assistance. Their donations amid politicalpublicizing come to be of great help as the processes help theaspirants reach multitudes.

GeneratingPublic Pressure

Publicpressure creation intends to let the masses know of a particularissue. The campaigns run through mainstream media and are persistenton passing the particular message through an available media outlet.The huge application of generating public pressure is made when aspecific group of people has interests that they need the governmentto change. For instance, the government’s opposition may post uppolitical ads, mass internet postings indulge in the mass mailing asan effort to compel the government to change its stand onimmigration.

UsingConstituents as Lobbyists

Asa Member of Parliament (MP), the best form of creating and effectingpolicy is by using your constituents. MPs lobbied for by theirconstituents have more dominion than those lobbied for by specialinterest group and the former have a huge bias in the legislativeoutcomes that fall in their favor. Using constituents to lobby for mewould strategically come in handy when the requirements of thespecial interest groups are totally out of consideration for thewellbeing of the constituents. Using the constituents of the region Irepresent offers more backing for a policy formation or modificationespecially when discussing environmental and financial policies.

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