Analyzing the Song, I took a pill in Ibiza

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Analyzingthe Song, Itook a pill in Ibiza

Thesong, ‘Itook a pill in Ibiza`is a hit by Mike Posner, a contemporary hip hop singer. The singerhas produced many more songs that are flashy, and this particular onecarried a contradicting message. At just listening to the song, it iseasier to misunderstand it and think it is a happy song. However, oncritical analysis of the song, one realizes that the singer gets sopersonal and makes a confession of a personal life. He explains a sadstory of how his life becomes on getting famous. The essay willdiscuss the meaning of the song and the literary devices used.

Inthe first stanza, Posner explains where the rain started beating him.On his trip to Ibiza, a place known for music festivals, he decidesto take a pill so that he would shoe Avicii that he was cool. Thetablet, in this case, refers to drugs. The primary reason that peopletake drugs is to feel relaxed. However, that pill made him an addictthough it ages him. However, he confesses that as he sings he issober (Posner 1). He lives a lavish life in Los Angeles to show offthat his music is doing well only that he spends his money on hookersand shoes. In the chorus, he urges people not to be like him. A timecomes when one steps out of the best car in his life and outside hedoes not have friends.

Inthe second stanza, Posner claims that it is too late for him becauselife has already taken a different direction. However, he urgespeople to determine their future. Posner also reveals that he doesnot make long-term commitments with girls as he discards them on aone night stand. He is always uncomfortable opening up to anyone. Thesinger also explains about a trip to his hometown, Detroit, where hegoes only to find that he is famous but without a friend. All peoplearound him fun and those asking him how he made it in life. It is alonely lifestyle and all he tells them is that they should neverdesire to be like him.

Posneruses various literal devices in his song. Right at the title of thesong he uses a synecdoche, a term for a part of something used torefer to a whole thing, pill. He uses a tablet to refer to drugs. Healso uses an allusion when he refers to Ibiza, a place known for amusic festival. There is also alliteration, as the use of wordsstarting with similar consonants. An example is using “big baller”in line 7 (Posner 1). His use of anecdote is also very vivid as heexplains his encounter on visiting his hometown. There is also a useof anaphora. It refers to using similar words at the start of somesentences within the stanza.

Repetitionis a literary feature used in the song. Posner applies it showemphasis as well as to make the song musical. There is assonancereferring to the repetition of a vowel sound within words in asentence like sober, older. Posner also uses metonymy, a wordreferring to something else with almost similar meaning with anexample of ‘roller coaster` meaning the best car that one wouldafford. There is also a use of flashback like a trip to Ibiza as wellas his journey to his hometown.

Inconclusion, Posner uses some literary devices to put his messageacross in a musical way. He uses repetition, assonance, alliteration,anaphora, allusion, anecdote, metonymy among others. The literarydevises make his song a convincing confession about a personal lifewhere fame and money cost him friends.


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