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Roleand purpose of anger and transformative potential

Anger has a role to play as long as people interact. It’s very hardfor one to avoid anger in a society where all kinds of people live.Anger has the role of expressing what one feels about a situation.The purpose of anger is to bring out what our minds think as comparedto what happened. It’s true that anger has the transformativepotential on both parties which include the one annoying and the onebeing annoyed, making them have a second thought about the situation.When one reacts out of anger, there is an avenue that both partiescan use to handle the situation.

Angerand hatred

One can be angry at you and yet be your best friend as stated by(Bach, et al. 2013). Anger comes as a result of an instance which didnot go as expected but the opposite happened. Hatred is out ofjealousy from other people since we do not share common goals andintentions. For one to deal with anger, time is required to enhancemeditation and other considerations about the issue. For anger to betransformative, both parties need to discuss the matter and see howbest to handle the situation (van, et al. 2015).

Mythoughts and reaction about the article

Lordeâ tries to bring out the possible causes of anger that affectpeople. Many situations may seem not to affect people negatively, butat the end of the day, some get angry on the approach of how an issuewas handled. People raise a lot of questions on why the issue washandled that way. Lordeâ has addressed many instances that angerprevails. This instance makes some people`s self-esteem go low asthey feel inferior and unwanted. It may not be easy to avoid anger,but it is possible to control and learn from it (Puglia, et al.2015). Anger is brought about by emotional reaction after one sees asituation not favorable for him or her. Consultation andconsideration can at least help reduce anger after an agreement.Anger should not be brought by fear. Fear avoids reaction toinstances where one discovers they did not go the right way.

Lordeâ`swriting and the issue of anger

Lordeâ `s writing helps to approach the issue of anger by avoidingfear and standing firm on our views (Worthe, et al. 2014). No onewill be punished for raising concerns about an issue that made themangry. Anger is as a result of a burning issue that affected theperson negatively making him or her loose self-control. Fear should,therefore, not limit us getting our rights and enjoying them.


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