Anti- Bullying Act

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Anti-Bullying Act

Anti-Bullying Act

Definitionof Rules

Rulesare a set of guidelines that guide how a particular group of peopleor a population should conduct themselves relative to themselves, toone another or the society as a whole. The rules ought to be eligiblein that they need to be practical in their application and have easein their follow up. The rules ought to be timely and applicable asand when they are needed to meet the purpose. The development ofrules calls for the inclusion of various opinions from differentpeople, thus the participation of different people (&quotGeneralLaws: CHAPTER 71, Section 37O&quot, 2016).Rules involve guiding the decision taken up by those who aresubjected to the same. This means that those subjected ought to beguided by the set rules in determining the kind of decision to take(&quotGeneral Laws: CHAPTER 71, Section 37O&quot, 2016).

Appearanceof Rules in

Theaspect of rules is captured in the MAS Anti-bullying act in thatevery school is required to prepare a plan of conduct guide that willincorporate the opinions of various stakeholders. These include thestudents, teachers, parents, volunteers as well as the community andothers. Also, the schools are required to come up with statements inthe set plan that prohibit and at the same time prevent bullying thatcomes with it. The rules set to prevent the bullying and theprohibition ought to be based on the evidence of such bullying incase of occurrence but not on speculation.

Rationaleof the Anti-Bullying Act and Relation to the Goals

Therationale behind the rules against bullying is the act of providing aconducive and a comfortable environment for the students to study andlive in(Huff, 2013).The anti-bullying policy aims at eradicating any sort of continuousbullying by either the students to other students or even anotherparty against the students. The rationale relates to the goals inthat the continuous eradication of bullying will attain a fair groundfor all students to study in and achieve their goals (&quotGeneralLaws: CHAPTER 71, Section 37O&quot, 2016).


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