Application Essay for College

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ApplicationEssay for College

Mathematicsand computer science course is my interest discipline that I wouldwish to major in college. The passion developed while in high schoolwhen we learned about basic number theory as a mathematical subject.I had also studied calculus in junior high before joining highschool. Mathematics subject was my favorite subject during my pastschooling. I gained interest in studying computer science because ofbeing exposed to a computer while still young when I used to playgames. As I grew up, I developed the mentality of knowing how thegames are programmed among other things concerning computers.

Afterfinishing the high school education, I frequently visited cyber cafesto search from internet on how the computers are programmed and learnthe essential features of the computers like the mouse, monitor,central processing unit and keyboard which I did at this summer. Insuch occasions, I also learned that some statistical packages assistin solving mathematical models and problems. MATLAB, SPSS, andAdvanced Excel were some of the packages that I realized are usefulin pursuing mathematics and computer science, and I would wish toenroll them before or during studying the course to have additionalknowledge and skills. The parents also encouraged me to pursue thecourse because they gave financial support to achieve my futuredreams.

Iam aware that while pursuing the course I will learn more aboutcomputer programs, mathematical modeling, statistical analysis,operating systems and databases. Mathematical objects are essentialin critical thinking and brainstorming the human mind therebyuplifting the way of reasoning (Ferguson, p134). Computer sciencewill involve abstractions where physics knowledge and skills arerequired which I am proficient. It engrosses electric circuits wherethe laws of physics, laws of logic and laws of arithmetic are obeyedduring the current flow. A lot of reasoning, constructing andmanipulating formal abstractions assists in writing computerprograms. Reasoning, designing and building concepts such as computersoftware require mental exercises to master all the entities. Thepsychological training ground for computer science can be found inmathematics and that the reason why I opt to pursue the course.

Theimportance of pursuing math and computer science include careeropportunities and applications in the evolving technologicaladvancement (Ferguson, p137). After finishing the course, I will haveso many career opportunities such as primary researcher in governmentservice and hardware and software engineer. I would also offerconsultant services concerning mathematics, scientific computing,computer theory, software systems and hardware systems. If I manageto get employed by the government, the salary is among the well-paidjob for all civil servants. I am also interested in discovering newtechnological advancements in mobile phones and computers which Iwould achieve after pursuing the course.

Self-employmentis another advantage of doing the course. After completing thecourse, I can invest in selling computer electronics, software andhardware systems. The business can incorporate repairing serviceswhere I would do mechanical repair to both computers and mobilephones to the customers. Software services would involve installationof programs, Windows and security protection software to bothcomputers and cell phones. After attaining the knowledge and skills,I will also be able to develop computer games for both children andadults and computer graphics. Web development, designing databasesand iOS development for the organizations or institutions are otheradditional goals of pursuing the course. I would wish to get admittedto the college and pursue the course of my dream.


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