Archimedes was and is the greatest Greek mathematician and engineer to have ever live

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Archimedeswas and is the greatest Greek mathematician and engineer to have everlived. Like many Greek scholars of his time little is known abouthim. However, it is believed that he schooled in Alexandria which waspopular for its scholarship during this period (Joyce,1).He contributed heavily to mathematics especially fields relating toareas of solid example spheres and cylinders and hydrostatics(Rosenfeld, 26). However, he was famous for the discovery of the lawof buoyancy which took place in a baths.

Ithappened that the King of Syracuse had a disturbing issue. Hesuspected that his crown was not pure gold and that it containedother metals. However, the crown was not be destroyed. Archimedes wasrequested to look into the matter since he was an expert. It wasduring one of the afternoons when he was using the public baths,which he had a revelation of the law of buoyancy (Peil&amp Nancy, 1).He observed that the level of water increased each time he immersedhis body and depending on the depth of the body in water its weightreduced.

Uponthis discovery, Archimedes was able to test the composition of thecrown. He had previously discovered that different metals displacedifferent volumes of water since they differ in sizes despite thefact both metals have the same weight. The test carried out byArchimedes was simple, as he only immersed the crown in water andgold of similar weight hoping that they both displace water of equalvolume supposing the crown was made of pure gold. The results were asthe king had suspected the crown was not pure gold (Joyce,1).


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