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English 201


LibraryResearch Assignment

ForVolkswagen Chief, Toll of the Emissions Scandal Rises, Kieran Kesnerand Hiroku Tabuchi.

Publicationinfo (journal/magazine title, date, page numbers):

(For Volkswagen Chief, Toll of the Emissions Scandal Rises, July 20,2016, Page 12)


The article brings up Volkswagen and the scandal issue that seem tobe affecting its operation on a timely basis. There are somemisunderstanding as to whether it is the organization or its CEO Mr.Matthias Muller as the primary concern of the scandal. He isconsidered to take shortcuts to pass some tests. That brings outabout some problem at the firm. He says the management has been thesame for a long time and hence leading to the situation at hand. Theheadquarters have aided in the need to openly dismiss claims that hewas the problem in that matter. They also address accountability asthe way forward in handling the situation. Lastly 16.2 billion hasbeen allocated to deal with the very issue.

How would thearticle help a rhetorician? Why can it be considered effective toone’s audience? (Answer considering sources credibility, theevidence gathered in the article and the authors’ appeal)

The article shows effective ways of dealing and avoiding problems insuch a situation. It would, therefore, be effective to address theaudience so that we come up with the best ways of dealing with theissue to the benefit of the firm. Considering the ratings given tothe article the idea of high levels of experience in work done atthat very point is evident and make the article source credible. Looking at what the information produced by the article the authorshould also be considered credible.

GovernmentMust Play a Role Again in Job Creation, Mark Kegans and Kim Raff.

Publicationinfo (journal/magazine title, date, page numbers)

(GovernmentMust Play a Role Again in Job Creation, May 10/ 2016,page 18).


We have the article explaining the different change in times and howthat affected the job allocation procedure with the government overthe respective years. Economic growth has reduced the ideas of humancapital. It begs the question where new jobs would come from and howthe government would help with such a situation. The issues havethose seeking power in the country focused on giving it lots ofpriority. Efforts from the government in office to help in dealingwith joblessness is considered as one of the primary reasons theywere put in power. It is often a challenge to any government thatwants to come in authority to ensure they match the various standardsset or rather beat it.

Howwould the article help a rhetorician? Why can it be consideredeffective to one’s audience? (Answer considering sourcescredibility, the evidence gathered in the article and the authors’appeal)

The article would prove helpful in different ways since it helps toshow different ways the government deal with the job issue. Itprovides the audience with the problem and shows how effective youwould deal with the particular challenge. The information would beconsidered credible having come from New York Time. The evidence isseen as reliable since we deal with actual values regardingstatistics in explaining some issues. Looking at the source of thearticle you will associate the author to greatness such asprofessionalism and intelligence just from association with New YorkTimes and therefore regarding the author credible.

Takingon the gender challenge in organizations, Sarah K Hendry, JoanneSandler, Luca Passerini and Gary L Darmstadt

Publicationinfo (journal/magazine title, date, page numbers):

(Takingon the gender challenge in organizations: what does it take?13th November 2015, page 10)


The article brings out clear patterns on how different organizationswould help come up with gender equality among all cultures. Theprimary focus should be on coming up with a clear goal of success andputting up a support system that can be seen and adjusted to thebenefit of the organization. Considering various types of culture inthe ideas laid across, keeping tabs regarding accountability andlastly ensure proper investment in financial and technical resources.

Howwould the article help a rhetorician? Why can it be consideredeffective to ones audience? (Answer considering sources credibility,the evidence gathered in the article and the authors’ appeal)

Advocating for gender equity as well as cultural boundaries will helpa lot in the specified areas of concern. From that organization canbe seen to cultivate in the easiest ways possible. To the audience,it will help people respect cultural backgrounds as well asindividual cultural beliefs on the matter. The sources credibility isconsidered okay considering the number of views thereby detailing allthe individuals that have access to the article. The evidence,however, is well presented and display of confidence and intelligenceis, therefore, proving the sources credible. A large number ofauthors might be an indication of research well done. The environmentoffers proper training and exposure which shows credibility in theprovided work. Having in mind the total number of authors that havewritten the article, it is evident that proper research was done andtherefore coming up with the article. The move displays credibilitybrought about considering two factors, and that is through propertraining and association with other reports in the organization. Thewhole process includes research and sharing of ideas so as to come upwith the context.

Importanceof Sports &amp Games in Schools, KRISTI CRODDY

Publicationinfo (journal/magazine title, date, page numbers)

(Importanceof Sports &amp Games in School, Aug 17, 2013, Page 9)


The article addresses the various ways sports would be associatedwith success in one`s academics. Indulging in sporting activity hasseen to improve physical activity, improve a child’s or individualsself-esteem or even empower the youth. On a health side, it has alsobeen used to help prevent chronic diseases and help in maintainingindividual’s weight.

Howwould the article help a rhetorician? Why can it be consideredeffective to ones audience? (Answer considering sources credibility,the evidence gathered in the article and the authors’ appeal)

Rhetoricians getinclined in believing that sports are very beneficial in individual’slives. The audience, however, gets knowledge in dealing with a lot ofissues such as family, parenting or even personal health andtherefore improve their lives. The source being bringsout some bit of creativity with the article. The evidence given israther vague with minimal proofs and therefore, reducing itscredibility. Lastly, the author seems to display credibility justfrom the alignment of the number of issues specified.

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