Art analytic Description Of a tableau

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Artanalytic Description Of a tableau


TheCafé Terrace at Night is a piece of art that was developed byVincent van Gogh in 1888. It has a dimension of 31.8 inches by 25.7inches. The piece is currently located in Otterllo at theKroller-Muller Museum. The piece is an oil on canvas piece that showspatrons outside a café having a nice time. From the representationshown in the painting, it may be okay to conclude that the time setfor it is in the evening (van Gogh n.p). The fact is shown by manystars littering the sky and the dark alleys that are represented inthe painting. The representation depicted in the piece is that ofhyper-realistic, whereby the artist shows the different people thatmay be found at a given food outlet with the inclusion of someelements which are beyond natural such as the way he depicts daytime.The style shown in the painting is oriental as a result of thedressing code of people depicted in it. The theme is happiness as thepatrons seen in the painting appear to be quite jovial. The secondpainting that is of equal importance is that of Vince Contarino knownas pathfinder. It was developed in 2015 and is also an acrylic oncanvas. It measures 68 by 54 inches. The painting shows an area thatis snowing during dusk with the sun being represented as being blue,thereby helping to add to the imagination of the artist (Contarinonp). The kind of representation shown is that of naturalistic giventhe fact that most of the elements shown in it are natural. These aresuch as the snow, and the general and that is shown in the piece. Thestyle of work is Scandinavian as it shows an area that is quite coldand isolated. The one theme that comes in on the painting is that ofcalmness, as a result of the whiteness which is so pronounced.

Figure1: The Café at night painting (1888) by Vincent van Gogh (the firstpainting)


Themost pronounced color in the first painting is yellow. This aspecthelps to illuminate it, thereby making it look livelier andappealing. The most pronounced color in the second painting is white,showing the person looking at the painting that it is snowing andhelps to orient a person into the mood depicted (van Gogh n.p). Thetexture and pattern of the first painting is more rough compared tothe second one, showing that the painter was more geared towardsspreading the main message of the culture of the people representingin it. It appears to be more realistic compared to the secondpainting, and therefore, makes a person to easily identify with theinformation shown. The second feature lies in the space taken by thepainting on the canvas. Both of them have utilized a considerableamount of space (Contarino np). However, the second painting has usedup space well, given the fact that most of it has been used torepresent the different elements found on it.

Figure2.0 Pathfinder painting (2015) by Vince Contarino (Second Painting)


Theaspect of the principles of design goes a long way to show thevarious aspects that are used in the paintings to make them moreappealing and in a position to attract other people who may bewilling to look at them. The first principle of balance is quiterelevant in this stance. The first painting is less balanced sincethere is the use of multiple colors to represent one element (vanGogh n.p). It is, however, important to note that despite the factthat it is not balanced, it does not mean that it is not artistic andappealing to the eyes. The one message which is sent out is that itis just a different aspect that it used to show the same fact. Theprinciple of rhythm is also quite essential as far as the twopaintings are concerned (van Gogh n.p). This shows the flow of items,patterns, and colors that are applied in the paintings. The firstpiece appears to have a very smooth rhythm. This shows that theartist spent most of his time to create a piece which would have alasting impression on the minds of all people who would look at it.This method makes it easy for an individual to look into the paintingand be able to describe it easily. While the rhythm used in thesecond painting is also nice, it has some fluctuating frequencies interms of the many items shown and the vague representation of snow(Contarino np). Such a feature makes it quite hard for any personwishing to analyze it to do so without having to spend a large amountof time in the venture. The second painting, however, achieves theelement of emphasis quite well because it has stressed on the moon inan artistic way through the use of the color, blue, something that isnot usually common as far as many paintings are concerned. The piecesare generally beautiful.


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