Article Analysis Everyday Leadership

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ArticleAnalysis: Everyday Leadership

Article Analysis: Everyday Leadership

The Everyday Leadership by Andrea Brachtesende reveals how oneneeds to improve various leadership skills on a daily basis to makethem more accurate. In fact, it reveals that leadership does notrefer to the recognition and the higher status that one shouldpossess. Instead, the author shows that even the small chores oneundertakes often have a larger impact on the organization. Forinstance, Andrea explains that one needs to have a vision and theability to inspire others to achieve more. The author also pinpointsthe concept of servant leadership as one of the approaches that willguide one into inspiring others (Brachtesende, 2006). The conceptshows how a leader needs to address the needs of the followers andcreate a sense of community that will empower everyone.

The article provides some key concepts that reflect my goals andprogress as a leader. More importantly, the article reveals that Ishould overcome any fears of being a good leader. In fact, I willeven begin with the small issues as long as they result in somethingthat will develop the organization. The approach will be helpful innurturing my leadership qualities, and within a short time, I will beable to acquire the much-needed experience. For instance, I will tryto be more articulate and interact with people occasionally tounderstand their needs. I will also have to master unique ways inwhich I can win arguments as well. My progress as a leader relies onthe qualities that I possess, and I will work tirelessly to make surethat I earn the respect I want. In conclusion, the article has beeninsightful since it has provided all the essential qualities that Ishould adopt as a leader.


Brachtesende, A.(2006). Everyday Leadership in OT Practice Magazine

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