Artist in Society

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Artistin Society

Artistin Society

Theguest speaker talks about what an artist represents in the society.From what the guest speaker expresses, an artist in society shapeshow people view certain things. An artist is able to turn an ideainto something practical that people in the society can relate to. Inaddition to this, what artists present should be relatable, in thatthe audience can understand, enjoy, and be entertained by what isbeing presented.

Theresponses from the class also explain that people in the societyanalyze the artists in terms of their behavior as well as what theypresent. Therefore, an artist can be a mirror to the society throughwhich various things or ideologies can be viewed.

Also,the guest speaker expresses that an artist in the society acts as asignificant tool through which a lot of information is passed. Peoplein the society adore artists as it is evident in the discussion. As aresult of this, people master the message that is passed across bythem.

Peoplealso view the artist from the lens of the information they passacross. In other words, if the message is suitable, then this resultsin a positive perception from the audience. On the other hand, if themessage is negative or not relatable, then the audience will not bepulled or attracted to this art by the particular artist.

Therefore,artists in the society can shape the society in many ways. However,the artists and their careers can be shaped by the society dependingon how society responds to the message that they pass across.

Inconclusion, an artist is an important tool in any given society, asthey help shape the perceptions of people. Artists mirror the actualposition and attitudes of society they represent, and they usemessages that relate to their audience.

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