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Artistin Socity


Theperformance portrays Eva as a brave woman who emerges amidst manycontending men. Her voice is strongly heard to defend the people. TheBuenos Aires Theater on this particular performance has its ambiancefilled with applause for the woman who made significant contributionsto the lives of the people of Argentina. The political environmentcreated by the play sets the audience in anticipation of a characterwho had politically and socially affected the basis on which anation’s history is founded. The act depicts Eva in high esteem.All actions are centered on a particular woman who seems to gaininfluence over the actions of the other characters in the play. Also,the language of the play speaks of leadership. It pronounces certainsocial ills and makes manifest the contributions of a previouspolitical regime that forms part of history.

Thisshow holds a lot of significance to the audience because theyidentify with the struggles represented. It evokes feelings ofresilience on them. Also, the performance develops the character ofEva Peron who was a critical figure in the development of the nationof Argentina. The theater recounts the events of the past throughtheir very culture. The audience is in perfect understanding of theact displayed before them. The act is in tango dance and theparticipants in all their actions show their pieces in tango. Again,the audience being able to identify with their old culture of dancingto tango is positioned to express direct relation to the performance.

Theatreseems to be the only place emotions are expressed without the fear ofcastigation from the political class or the victimization of thepeople. Therefore, the performance on Eva Peron is real with emotionsof the manner she was held among the people and the feelings sheevoked among her followers. The show at Buenos Aires is conductedwith an accurate representation of the life of Eva and her influencein her people’s struggles. The performance reminds the audience ofthe human elements that were involved in the political conflict inthe time of Eva. Also, it shares in the progress witnessed among thefemale folk. It gives an account of how women gained voting rights inArgentina and their status after these rights were given to them.

EvaPeron is an icon in Argentinian history. Performance in tribute toher life counts in the political theater. In an arena dominated bymale folk, she made her way to the position of influence. She wasbranded heinous labels such as a prostitute, but such did not causeher to quit fighting for her people. She is represented in the playas a passionate figure that walks into the homes of the unfortunateand supplies them with food, clothing, and shelter. She protestedagainst a regime that caused untold suffering to her people. Thetheater portrays her as a person who came in to help her people afterthe devastating effect of an earthquake that badly hit Argentina in1944. The play rewards Eva’s contribution to her country withutmost gratitude. All through the performance her truest nature ofserving her people is exposed in the intricate actions of her playcharacter.

Historyfinds a platform for reflection in the theater. The showroom capturesthe events of the past as though it is happening today. It remindsthe audience of the progress accomplished in the present state ofevents. The theater is also a tool to point out the challenges in thesociety. The struggles of Eva Peron positively impact on the lives ofArgentinians today and even in the future. Her battles are acted inthe theater to remind the Argentinian people of each and every one’srole in nation building.

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