Artistic Works

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1.Themes in Friedrich`s &quotAbbey Among oak trees.&quot

Thetheme of poor leadership is brought about in the artwork. This isseen in the paintings that depict the aftermath of the political warthat occurs for over thirty years. The result is seen by thepaintings in that hopelessness and death are the main observed issues(Cutler, n.p). Oaks are well observable in the paintings. These wereused by the German forces for a long time, and hence their use showsthe politics that are alive in the region.

Thetheme of desperation also comes out in the artistic work. The colorthat the painter has used is so dull that it depicts days that arenot bright. Cortege shown on the painting shows the high rate of lossof life that leaves the people insecure of their future (Cutler,n.p). A grave is quite evident in the artistic work. This shows thatthe lives of the people revolve around loss of lives.

Spiritualityis brought about by the painting. This is demonstrated by the symbolsthat are mostly evident in the religious places such as churches.This indicates that the people affected by the painting are ones thatare connected to a supernatural being, God.

2.Purpose in Creating the Golden Dancing Shiva, and the Meaning of theSymbols Contained.

Theprimary goal of the creation of the golden Dancing Shiva isspirituality depiction. The symbol clearly shows the symbol that isused by the Hindus to rep[resent their god. The artistic work henceshows the significance of religion in the society. The fire depictsthe punishment that befalls on those who do not obey God’scommandment. The huge symbol of Shiva and the small symbol of Demonis used to mean that the god of Hindus is stronger than any evilspirit.

3.Themes in the “Installation” by Christo and Jen-Claude

Thecentral theme that is brought about in the Installation is that of aunified set up. In the past, the various islands are seen to be apartand separated by the massive waters around them. Unity comes in amongthe three islands when the floating piers is installed, enablingbetter interaction among the inhabitants. The theme of hope is alsobrought out by the beautiful colors that are used in the artisticwork. A better tomorrow is shown by the bright colors used.

4.Process of &quotSelective Perception,&quot and reason for differinginterpretation

Selectiveperception comes in when individuals viewing a particular artisticwork interprets it in their style, not considering any other factors.The interpretation is hence made on what the person involved views asthe best way. A symbol can be selected to mean what the interpreterbelieves and not what the artist intended. The different perceptionwill always lead to different ways of interpreting, as interpretationis determined by perception, and not necessarily the intention of theartist.

5.Francisco Goya and Pablo Picasso artistic works comparison andcontrast

Thethird of May artistic work was created by Francisco in the year 1808,while Guernica is an artistic work created by Pablo in the year 1937.Both of the artworks were done using the oil on canvas. Bothpaintings have a feeling of anguish in their content. Various figuresand shapes have been used in both artworks.

Onthe other hand, the main contrast observable is that Goya’s workutilizes curves that are designed in a way that they are flowing.However, Pablo uses definite shapes to decorate and depict somemeaning in his work.


Cutler,Rich. &quot‘It was a dark and stormy night…’: photographythrough the lens of the Gothic.&quot (2012).

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