Assignment 1A

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Theinstallation procedure was fairly easy and I did not encounter anyproblems during the installation process. I located the installationfile in the folder containing my recent downloads and double clickedon it to initiate installation. A dialog box appeared on screen whereI input my product key and accepted Microsoft’s terms andconditions. I followed a few on screen prompts and the MicrosoftOffice suite was successfully installed on my computer. While thedownload process of the installation file lasted approximately fortyminutes, the installation process took only five minutes to complete.I installed Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 version15.0.4420.1017 on my computer which runs Windows 8.1 Pro version 6.3.

TheMicrosoft Office Word component would be the easiest for me to learn.This is because I had an opportunity to use the package to type a fewdocuments in the past and I therefore possess some basic knowledge onhow to effectively use this component. Microsoft Word also includesshortcuts on the component’s menu which makes it easier to editword documents and to perform complex tasks.

Ibelieve the Microsoft Office Access component would be the mostdifficult for me to learn. Microsoft Access is a component which isused to create and manage databases. The Microsoft Access 2013package also includes a Web App that enables users to create andmanage their databases from the World Wide Web (Couch, 2013). I wouldrequire additional time to learn how to use this package since I lackadequate knowledge on database creation and management. I also lackprogramming skills that are required to effectively link databases towebsites.


Couch,A. (2013). MicrosoftAccess 2013 Plain &amp Simple.Retrieved from

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