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Thevideo represents an excerpt from a panel with Jan Delapp, PeijueChen, Margie Perez-Sesser, Peter Manglone and Desiree Soto who arediscussing competencies of California early childhood educator. Itaddresses the five major aspects which include professionaldevelopment, competence in the areas of specialization, professionalbehaviors, and conduct as well as pedagogy (ECE CompSAT, 2014).According to one of the speakers, it is hard for early childhoodeducators to learn about brain development while in college, however,they must keep themselves updated to get the necessary information. The speaker also argues that cultural diversity and English learningwere not prevalent in the last 20 years.

Aboutprofessional development, the speakers suggest that early childhoodeducators should regularly ask questions, follow learningopportunities and seek help whenever they face/ experience a problem. Teachers should find mentors with desirable qualities of earlychildhood education professional. Educators should portrayprofessionalism in their behaviors. They should be able to utilizeboth written and verbal communications skills. Early childhoodeducators are advised to maintain professional integrity at all times(ECE CompSAT, 2014). In the case of specialization, tutors shouldacknowledge that family is one of the major platforms for a childlearning and development.

Thevideo provides a valuable resource that comes in handy in molding meto become an effective early childhood educator. It has taught me avaluable lesson that to be a good mentor one needs to updateregularly. It has also taught me to ask questions whenever I amfaced with challenges, and also enabled me understand the importanceof maintaining professional integrity at all times.


ECECompSAT. (2014, May 5). Professionalism. Retrieved from Youtube:

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