Autism Misconception

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A misconception is formed when an individual lacks knowledge about adisorder. For instance, there are many misconceptions associated withautism disorder, which people believe to be true. One such mistakenbelief is that all individuals that have autism are aggressive. It isfalsely believed that autism causes one to act violently even whenunprovoked. The myth has resulted in the widespread disassociationwith autistic persons owing to the assumption that they may hurtsomeone without reason.

The misconception derives from the widespread publication of newsstories about autism, which associate autistic persons with violence.In addition, the media covers stories of brutal acts that have beencommitted by individuals diagnosed with autism. It is important tounderstand that any aggressive act must be provoked. Hence, anybodyis likely to behave in aggressive manner at some point. For instance,when one is attacked by a thief, he or she may react by hitting therobber to scare him or her away.

According to an article published by PBS (2013), “violentacts from autistic individuals usually arise from sensory overload oremotional distress, and it is unusual for individuals with autism toact violently out of malice or pose any danger to society”. Thisstatement demonstrates that, just like people who are not autistic, aperson with autism will act violently when distressed. In addition,PBS (2013) counters the claim that autism results in maliciousviolence.

It is necessary to clear the misconception. This is because, peopletend to avoid someone upon learning that the individual may beautistic, which may have a negative effect on self-esteem. Instead,we should be more accommodating of others, regardless of theirdisorders.


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