Biblical World View Essay

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BiblicalWorldview Essay

According toWeider &amp Gutierrez, (2011), worldview is defined as the manner inwhich one sees life, reasons and understands everything around it.The Christian worldview uses the Bible to help us understand theworld around and how to act. In Romans 1-8, Paul touches on thedifferent perspectives on Christian worldview on the following areasthe natural world, our identity, human relationships, and culture.

According toPaul, we are unrighteous before our Creator because of our sinfulnature. We live in a morally decayed society, and we are stillpracticing the same sins that were committed back by the Romans intoday’s world (Ecclesiastes. 1:9) even after being warned. Asbelievers, we should change our ways because sin separates us fromGod. The society can only change for the better if we seek His divineintervention and salvation. Faith in Christ is the only solution tosave us all.


The story ofcreation in the Bible can be traced in Genesis 1:1 &quotIn thebeginning, God created the heavens and the earth.&quot He spoke, andeverything came into existence. The book of Romans (1:20-21) God’sdivine nature and external power can be seen from his creation. Thestory of creation in the book of Genesis is a clear indication ofGod’s might works, commitment, love, and blessings for us. Paul inthe book of Romans mentions of God’s divine qualities in thecreation story, which is visible from what he had created. We cannotdeny that the world we are living in is not a product of his mightyhands and power. Romans (1:21) expresses how humankind has failed inhis ways to acknowledge and glorify God yet we are aware that He isGod because our foolish hearts have been darkened. We forget that wewould not exist today in our natural world if it were not for God. Itis through our natural world that God shows us His presence. Weshould believe his words and understand that He created the world andthe bible is a clear revelation of a holy book written by people whowere inspired by Him and not just anyone.

The naturalworldview for us all is that we have forgotten that God created thisbeautiful world for us, and we should be thankful and appreciative.Unfortunately, we end up disrespecting Him in his face throughsinning.


From thebeginning, the book of Romans identifies human as God’s creationswho are sinful in nature (Romans 7:18, 8:5) and foolish. They arearrogant, gossipers, boastful, God-haters, unrighteous, unmerciful,murderers, and wicked, evil, slanderers, disobedient, unloving,untrustworthy, and full of greed, deceit, jealousy, and envy. Most ofthe times we are in a battle between our sinful desires and making adecision to follow and worship Him. In Romans (7:21:23 and 3-9-20),Paul speaks of human beings as being unrighteous. ‘For all havesinned and fallen short of the glory of God.’ This is a proof ofour sinful nature and how we are stuck in our sins. He further writesby indicating that we can turn our ways from our sinful nature andallow God’s Spirit to live in us (Romans 8:9). Even though we wereborn with a sinful nature and fallen short of his glory. His grace issufficient to save us all long as we acknowledge and accept him asour Lord and personal Saviour.


Our humanrelationship is determined by our actions and our human nature. Thisis because we live in sin, which has affected our relationship withGod. We do not have love, understanding, and mercy (Romans 1:31) forone another. We find it difficult living according to His lawsbecause we have created our laws from our sinful nature. We arefallen beings who sin against each other (Romans 1:21-32). Our sinfulnature has destroyed our relationship with one another and with God.This is why human beings choose to kill each other instead ofpracticing forgiveness. According to the scriptures if you kill orsteal from your neighbor then you might as well kill/steal from God.If we were created in His image them why do we find it so hardrespecting others just as we respect God (Matthew 7:12). As humanbeings, we are destined to sin because we were born from sin. ThroughHis love and mercy, we are given a second chance to cultivate a goodrelationship with Him and with others.


Unlike humanbeings, God sees us as equal and not as a race or culture. Godidentifies us by our faith and saves us through his sufficient grace.According to Roman Scripture, the Roman culture was full of sin,which made them turn away from God. When we acknowledge His presencebut we are unable to act according to His righteous words, it is asign of cultural rebellion and denial. While some cultures seek toserve Him, other cultures have been slaves to their flesh and mindsby practicing idol worship. As a believer do not allow your culturalpractices to define your relationship with God as it can prevent youfrom having a healthy relationship with Him. Let us not allowourselves to be slaves of our cultures. As Christians, we should liveaccording to His ways because Christ is righteous, sovereign, andmerciful. Our culture is in Him and not in the world.


In conclusion,the book of Romans 1-8, Paul teaches us about Christian worldviewconcerning the natural world, human identity, human relationship, andculture (Donfried, 2010). This gives us an in-depth understanding toreflect on whether our lives and actions are guided by faith. Paultalks about the story of God’s creation and sinful human nature.The importance of having a healthy relationship with Him and thosearound us. Human beings should live their everyday lives by beinggrateful for His love and mercies, and understanding that no one isbetter than the other in any way because we are sinners in His eyes.Let us live by His faith and works since everything that we hear,see, smell, touch, and taste are products of His spoken words.


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