Birth Control

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Birth control, although faced with opposition from variousquarters of the modern society, has enabled the integration of womeninto the very demanding roles previously perceived as male fitexclusively.

Women fought hard for their rights, which led them to organizesocial reforms this made it easier for them to present theirgrievances.http:/// platforms were created to protect women against violation attheir workplaces. This is well illustrated in the Muller versusOregon case (http://grovesapush,where they advocated that females are at a disadvantage as theycannot perform equally as men when they are pregnant.

New opportunities came about for women as they had the ability tochoose the way to live. Sanger made it possible for them to regulate their cycle,plan their family size, and even reduce cervical cancer, as well aspelvic inflammatory diseases by introducing the birth control pills. Manyfemales were happy to adapt to birth control pills as they completelychanged their lives. Through the creation of the Sanger clinic, womenwere able to solve their problems because the pills did not onlyreduce and prevent pregnancies but also solved their menstrual cycleissues.

Although the birth control pills have brought about a lot ofcontroversies, they are deemed as a means to reduce human fertility The advent of birthcontrol pills enabled women to lead their lives as they wished. brought about female transformation as they would focus theirresources on other uses.

In summation, birth control has brought about many changes however,it is opposed by many communities such as the Catholics, andtherefore, women need to make decisions about their lives other thanjudges and politicians making resolutions for them, whereas some willnot need to use birth controls themselves.


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