Black Soap Product

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BlackSoap Product

Thereare four stages in the development of a product. These include theintroduction, growth, maturity stage and decline (Anderson&amp Zeithaml, 2014). TheAlikays natural moisturizing shampoo was developed in 2014, which isthe introduction stage. It grew and within a short period and reachedits maximum peak of sales in the first quarter of the year 2015.Temporary stagnancy was experienced for a few days. Since then thesales have been declining to date. Thisimplies thatalikays natural moisturizing black shampoo is in the maturity stage.

Thisis the stage where the products have reached their maximum number ofsales, and the market is saturated thus leading to a decline in thesales. Saturated market means that there is increased competition andAlikays natural moisturizing black shampoo company should improvetheir products quality so as to survive in the market and avoid thedecline stage (Anderson&amp Zeithaml, 2014). Theproduct has been reviewed by the customers and changes should be madeto the product to retain the number of market shares. The changesinclude, the product being thicker so as to reduce the quantity usedto clean the scalp and it also needs to have a scent that customerslike.

Alikaysshould not only focus on retaining the current market share but alsoon getting new customers. Alikays should develop a product thatincorporates both the shampoo and the treatment. They should alsoincrease the protein, keratin and soya proteins levels of theshampoo. My rationale for this position is because a recent surveyshowed that the market wants a shampoo that is capable ofrevitalizing and making their hair shine (Anderson&amp Zeithaml, 2014).


Anderson,C. R., &amp Zeithaml, C. P. (2014). Stage of the product life cycle,business strategy, and business performance. Academyof Management Journal,27(1),5-24.

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