Business model canvas 3

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Businessmodel canvas 3


PartI: Key partners

PepsiCohas been greatly affected by the drastic shift to consumption ofnatural and organic products as anti-sugar movements heighten theircampaigns against carbonated drinks. As a result, the company hasundertaken measures to produce non-carbonated drinks to maintain itsclients and provide a lifetime solution. In the process ofmanufacturing and distributing such products, the firm will formalliances with certain corporations such as Buffalo Wild Wings, SodaStream International, Taco Bell and sports organizations such asNational Football League and Major League Baseball (Bailey, 2014).Most of these deals are long term contracts, and each of the firms isexpected to earn significant benefits from the alliances. PepsiCowill acquire plenty of advantages from these partnerships. First, thepartners are global organizations, and this will enable PepsiCo togain an extended geographical reach and boost sales for itsbeverages. Second, such partnerships are known to be highlysuccessful and might be lifetime contracts which mean success forPepsiCo.

Part2: Channels

PepsiCowill make use of various communication systems which will aid inattracting new and maintaining the loyal clients. Some of thesechannels include TVCs, social media tools such as Facebook andTwitter, alongside other platforms. To enhance its interactions withdifferent customers, PepsiCo will incorporate the use of CustomerRelationship Management (CRM) software. This software will make thecorporation capable of tracking and systematizing its contacts withits present and potential customers. Thefirm is expected to build a strong system of distribution channelsthat will enable it to satisfactorily make its products available tothe diverse customer segment base. The main passages include customerwarehouses, third-party channels, and e-marketing among others(Bailey, 2014). These channels have varied associated costs. Theeasiest and cheapest medium of communication and distribution is viathe internet. The company will therefore substantially utilizedigital marketing and social media pages to advertise and sell theproposed products.


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