Business Plan Marketing for Legendary PC Bar

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BusinessPlan Marketing for Legendary PC Bar



Brandand Business Name

TheLegendary PC Bar entails a small business that hopes to providegaming services and products to their clients at relativelyaffordable prices and a convenient location. The company will belocated in Adelaide Center near the Fanshawe College thus providing avast supply of customers who include students from different parts ofthe world. The company seeks to employ a mission statement thatreflects their ambitions as well as aspirations (Zhu and Li, 2013).The mission statement involves elements such as the creation of valuewith the aim of making a difference in the community as well as offerrefreshing and inspiring moments of optimism and happiness. It willalso operate under the slogan “At times, all you need is a drinkwith your friends,” which will encapsulate the advantages thecustomers may acquire from visiting the business. The firm willprovide ample space where young people may spend part of theirleisure interacting, competing and most importantly, developing ideas(Zhu and Li, 2013). The brand to the business will involve a logo ofyoung people seated together focusing towards the accomplishment of acommon goal. Besides, the enterprise aims at incorporating a websitethat will facilitate effective communication with the customersregarding feedback and respond to their requests. The website willalso portray the interior and exterior components of the businessthus giving the customers an idea of what the products and servicesare packaged (Zhu and Li, 2013). The name projects the appropriateimage of the products through describing the activities conducted inthe business. The phrase legendary depicts an enterprise deemed tooperate for many years and become memorable to many people especiallythe youth. On the other hand, the phrases “PC” and “Bar”indicate the services offered by the business as the young peoplewill be enjoying their beverages while playing video games. Thecombination of these two elements provides a package deemed toentertain the customers in all aspects. The enterprise’sexpectations regarding the client groups focus on those possessingthe power of consumption as well as higher demand for video games(Zhu and Li, 2013).


LegendaryPC Bar describes a professional and creative venture that providesgoods and services that include selling beverages, PlayStation gamesand a platform for young people to interact, compete and share ideas.Their customized service delivery involves a lower price forcustomers playing the games and enjoying their beverages while thosenot playing will get the drinks for the standard fee. However, theenterprise faces competitive challenges from other companies offerrelatively similar products such as Pho Lee, Luck Tea as well as thePC Bar located at the London Mall in Western London. The PC Bar atthe London Mall offers similar to video gaming products and servicesthus attracting most customers in Adelaide as well other parts of theregion (Zhong, 2014). Nevertheless, Legendary PC Bar hopes tointensify the competitiveness by providing such services to the youngpeople and international students residing in Adelaide and FanshaweCollege. The achievement of such activities will involve providing abetter package as compared to that in other places. The first elementin their package entails the provision of high-quality gaming PC andhardware that will ensure people visit their store instead of playingat home (Zhong, 2014). Most people living in Adelaide lack the fundsto purchase this quality hardware equipment and thus visiting theenterprise will ensure that they do not spend too much money. Mostimportantly, the company will provide a face to face gaming platformwhere young people may play as a team and compete on friendly terms.Their charges will involve $5 per person where the gaming machineswill have four slots for players to participate. They also possessabout 20 PC devices that will allow them to incorporate more playersat once (Zhong, 2014).

Besides,these strategies will provide an appropriate platform for thecustomers to enjoy their products and services based on theirrequirements. The appropriateness for the customers will occurthrough: Inseparability- training will be provided to all employeesto ensure that they offer quality services throughout theiroperations. The training will allow the appropriate purchase of rawmaterials, assisting the customers as they participate in the gamingactivities and enjoy their beverages. The unification of the jobrequirements will be part of the employee’s tasks while theirevaluation will allow control of the services they provide.Intangibility’ due to the features of the services offered by theenterprise, misunderstandings may occur between the employees and thecustomers which may result in dissatisfaction (Ennew, 2007). However,to avoid these provide, the managers will ensure that they meet theclient’s needs and in intense situations offer discounts to thedissatisfied customers.

Besides,to retain the customers, the enterprise will provide appreciationdays to attract their loyalty. Inconsistency- to ensureappropriateness to their clients, the Legendary PC Bar will offer aretain program for all their employees to make sure that familiarizewith the job requirements and manage new skills (Ennew, 2007). Thesefactors will also allow the customers to get the services andproducts they need at the right time and in a significant manner.Furthermore, the inventory factor poses the biggest challenge to theenterprise in that they need to acquire computers, TVs, gamingequipment, fridges, just to mention but a few. This gaming equipmentwill attract customers with interest in video games as well asbeverages. Similarly, these computers will be coupled with bonusesfor customers who have played for more than six hours as well asdiscounts to regular customers. They will bring about an added valueto the enterprise thus offering a competitive advantage to the otherbusinesses (Ennew, 2007).


Someof the pricing strategies matching the product and service mixinclude bundle, cost and premium packages. The bundle package willfocus on selling a variety of goods and services on particularoccasions and festivals. For instance, it will incorporate gaming forthree hours plus two beverages at the price of one. The premiumpackage will include specific products such as advanced gamesinvolving professional players competing for the title of champions.The prices in this package will be set higher to reflect theexclusiveness of the products offered as well as services (Gladson,2009). The cost plus pricing package will include common goods andservices provided by the enterprise. Collectively, these pricingpackages will involve a particular percentage of the costs to serveas profit margins while making pricing decisions. The proportion willalso facilitate in compensating manual workers such as repairers ofthe machines, suppliers of beverages and cleaners (Gladson, 2009).They will also incorporate health and safety coverage provided byKanetix Insurance Company who charges the enterprise $750 plus taxesevery year.The pricing List for these components includes:

Gaming Activities



Regular: $5 @ person for an hour and discounts for every customer exceeding six hours.

Juices: Mango- $3

Passion- $3

Orange- $3






Live Game: $5 @ person in the four slots. Free beer for those exceeding 4 hours

All beers will be sold at $4 to persons above 18 years only.

Premium: $8 @ player at the professional stand. Discounts and free beer for any player exceeding $60.











Thecore customers at the Legendary PC Bar entail those who enjoy gamingrelated products and services and possess the power of consumption.Most users include teenagers, college students and young people inthe society who enjoy playing video games as a challenge, for fun andas a hobby. The enterprise will provide these services to such youngpeople who lack the funds to purchase the expensive hardware thatwould allow them to play at home. Besides, it will also enable faceto face gaming where the customers may compete with their colleaguesand enjoy the moment (Gladson, 2009). Most importantly, the legalcustomer details include contracts with other firms and associationswhere the access of their products and services will be throughvisiting the store located in Adelaide. The store will be fitted withcomputers and TVs displaying the desired games while employees willoffer beverages while monitoring the progress of their processes. Thetone of the site will entail gaming wallpaper and enticing themesindicating the activities carried out. The music will also be freshand soft to provide a suitable ambience for the customers enjoyingthe products and services (Gladson, 2009).

Promotingand Advertising

TheLegendary PC Bar will incorporate strategies such as flyers, posters,announcements via radio and advertisements of TV. These will becoupled with pop-up ads on people’s emails, notifications on socialmedia, just to mention but a few (Kowalkowski et al. 2015). Mostimportantly, the Flyers will incur a cost of 20 cents each where theenterprise will distribute them to the people living around. On theother hand, the posters will be positioned in strategic places aroundthe community to create awareness to the people. However, to capturethe attention of the people, they will incorporate a grand openingtargeted to cost about $200 to welcome all people (Kowalkowski et al.2015).


Theevaluation of the advertising strategies will include a collection ofthe flyers handed out during the advertisement forum as well asidentification of where the customers come from during the grandopening. Those with flyers or notifications in the social media siteswill enjoy a bonus of $5 for every activity they participate inwithin the enterprise. Additionally, the grand opening day willinvolve VIP delegates who will grace the event in motivatingentrepreneurship among young people (Kowalkowski et al. 2015). Theywill thus be evaluated regarding their purchasing behavior andpersonal information with the aim of promoting the individualtargeted. The people in attendance will also be assessed regardingtheir response to the event as well as their participation in theservices provided.


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