Career and Technical Education

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Careerand Technical Education

Careerand Technical Education

Careerand technical education involve the programs that are put in place inorder to prepare students for the future life. This involvesincluding the practical lessons that are required to meet the futuredemands in the job market. Career education concentrates on thevocations of the various students that go through the educationsystem (Russell,&amp Ryan, 2010). Technicaleducation, on the other hand, has been designed to meet therequirements of the job market in terms of practical skills. Goingthrough such education system brings about competitiveness of thestudents in the global job market. However, this type of educationhas received little attention in the past and hence has had littleresearch conducted on it for improvements.

NationalBoard Certified Teachers.

Thissection concentrates on the teachers that are expected to run theprogram that the government has embarked on. These teachers areusually prepared to meet the various distinct requirements that arepresent in the practical field (Russell,&amp Ryan, 2010). Thetechnical field is not homogenous, and hence the teachers are trainedin a way that they will tailor the instructions they are given to thestudents to match the requirements. The teachers are tailored indifferent fields such as engineering, natural resources management,information technology and other fields.

Non-NationalBoard Certified Teachers.

Inthis case, the teachers are usually well qualified, and most of themhave a bachelor’s degree. The nature of the teaching system is notspecific in terms of the content. Teachers are not tailored, but aretrained on a general basis (Russell,&amp Ryan, 2010). Thismakes the system different in the implementation of the content. Theboard does not have specific rules on the manner that a course is tobe delivered.


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