Case-study treatment plan

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Case-studytreatment plan

Casestudy treatment plan

  1. The best approach to use with her

Thebest approach to use with Miss Lammermoor would be to encourage herto take part in activities that she likes doing a lot such asengaging in solitary exercises and playing Bingo (Early, 1993). Suchan action would help her to enhance more of her personal skills andbring the calmness in her. Since most of her functional skillsappeared to be okay, she does not require much external influencethat could destabilize her life.

  1. List one basic area of occupation which seems to be a problem for this patient

Theone area of occupation that seems to be a problem for the patientcould be her amiability to develop personal attachments with people.She, therefore, lacks proper interpersonal skills (Early, 1993). Thiscould be seen in the way she does not have a good relationship withher brother, neighbor, and children who live nearby. One of theactivities that could help to solve her problem and help enhance herskills would be including her in activities that involve other peopleso as to make her comfortable around other people.

  1. How do you interpret the patient`s interest in bingo? Is this a good activity for developing social and interpersonal skills? Explain

Thefact that Miss Lammermoor likes bingo could point out that she likesgambling (Early, 1993). It is not a good activity for developinginterpersonal skills because it has a high chance of causingconflicts among people, especially whereby one party feels that theother was unfair.

  1. Recommendation for Miss Lammermoor

MissLammermoor can function properly on her own and does not necessaryrequire to live in a supervised situation (Early, 1993). This isbecause she is neat and is in control of most of the functionalaspects of her life. She may, however, require periodic counselingsessions to help enhance her interpersonal skills.


Early,B.M (1993). Mental Health Concepts and Techniques for the COTA(second edition). Raven Press

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