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Standardsof practice are exceedingly critical because they help practitionersto adhere to the provided guidelines in the provision of health care.In case there were no standards, it could be very difficult forpractitioners to attend to patients since each practitioner wouldchoose his/her own way of doing things. Indeed, standards have helpedin producing the desired outcomes to the patients (Zaccagnini &ampWhite, 2016). is important because it has assisted ineliminating or keeping of unqualified practitioners out of themarket, a move that has enhanced the provision of quality care. It issignificant to understand the role certification plays in maintainingstandards of practice because this would make a practitioner avoidengaging in undertakings that are not provided. With the knowledge,it is feasible to maintain the standards of practice and reap thebenefits that accrue to certification.

is changing in order to improve patient outcomes. offers patients together with their families with sufficientvalidation that the nurse taking care of them has knowledge, skills,and experience into the provision of critical care. Thus, patientswould have confidence with the caregiver. Also, the reason for thechange in certification is to help in the maintenance ofprofessionalism in the health sector (Zaccagnini &amp White, 2016).With changes in certification, hospitals will be in a position toshow that they have skilled and experienced experts to offer the bestservices.

Thechange in certification is going to impact my practice positively.This is because I would be in a position to experience personalgrowth in the practice since the certification would be ademonstration that my clinical judgments are satisfactory (Zaccagnini&amp White, 2016). Furthermore, the certification would validate myspecialty knowledge and experience making me more presentable in thefield.


Zaccagnini,M. E. &amp White, K. W. (2016). Thedoctor of nursing practice essentials: A new model for advancedpractice nursing.Burlington, Massachusetts: Jones &amp Bartlett Learning.

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