Clinical Standards, Practice, and Algorithm

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ClinicalStandards, Practice, and Algorithm

ClinicalStandards, Practice, and Algorithm

Clinicalguidelines are statements developed systematically based on thoroughevaluation of evidence, to assist the practitioner and patient make adefinitive decision on the appropriate healthcare for a particularcircumstance. Practices standards are existing measurable outcomesagainst which comparison can be made based on individual issues.Algorithms, on the other hand, are step by step visualization basedinterpretations of a particular decision made regarding a certainguidance area. The above procedures are used to ensure dispensationof quality healthcare services to patients (Sox&amp Stewart, 2015).

Thereis an algorithm that I use that ensures standard care to patients andprovides an appropriate basis for making a decision. The algorithm isrelated to the treatment of lower back pain for patients. To beginwith, when handling a patient with the condition, there are a set ofquestions that are asked to aid in finding the solution. First, ifthe problem has any of the following symptoms: abdominal pain,menstrual period, flu-like symptoms, nausea or pain and bleedingincluding frequency of urination, there is a set of prescribed remedyoffered to them.

Proceeding,if the pain, on the other hand, is not associated with any of theabove and seems to be chronic, I recommend an appointment with aphysician. Some of the conditions that would require the interventionof a specialist include: if the pain is as a result of an injury orif there is a fever and the pain travels to one or both legs belowthe knees. Lastly, if the pain is mild and can easily be taken careof, I recommend home treatment based on instructions given on how togo about the situation.

Inconclusion, there is a need for ensuring the establishment ofpractices and guidelines that would result in excellent quality careto the patients.


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