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Interviewsprovide a unique forum for the host to acquire vital informationabout their guest. The platform is unique as one can obtainclarification on areas that require further comments. From thelessons on interviewing on popular culture, there were three majorlessons that I believe will be vital in my future endeavours.Firstly, I have come to understand the need to evaluate the socialstatus of an interviewee as this dictate the line of questioning tobe followed. I have also learned the importance of asking questionsthat would appear intrusive, but which have vital information that isrelevant to the intended audience. Lastly, I have come to appreciatethe need to understand and distinguish between insisting andintruding during an interview. This distinction is important as itdictates the relationship between the host and the guest. Myfavourite celebrity interview is the one between pop music iconMichael Jackson and Oprah Winfrey. The interview demystifies a lot ofrhetoric that the society holds about Michael Jackson (YouTube). Theinformation relayed in this interview was of great importance as theguest was a person whose status in the society made him a role modelfor many people in his culture.

Themost surprising element in the Wendy Williams-Whitney Houstoninterview was the ability of the host to be able to go past therhetoric and enquire on issues that made her guest uncomfortable.Given the status of the interviewee in the society, Wendy Williamswas able to force her guest to comment on matters that were ofimportance to her audience. This point noted, I believe that elementsof race, gender, finances, and power play a role in hinderingcommunication. In most instances, the issues have a historicalbackground that forces the guest to become defensive, and this makescommutation tough. For example, in the interview, the guest almostbecome verbally abusive when asked about finances (YouTube). Theother point to be noted from the interview is the ability of bothparties to remain relevant and avoid going off-topic whileconversing. Though there were issues that almost led to a verbalconfrontation, they were both able to double back to the issues athand. I believe that this factor was vital in maintaining therelevance of this interview.


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