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Conceptof Interest

Conceptof Interest

Somepossibilities for handling conflict within a professional environment

Nomatter how experienced members of an organization are, they may notexperience ease in handling conflict. However, because of itsorganized nature and level of professionalism, Boston MusiciansAssociation has proven that there are various possibilities foraddressing conflict with a win-win solution.

Asevidenced in the case, the first element that an organization needsto look at is the communication skills. This will include how themanagement communicates and how they teach the team members tointeract with one another. Communicating one’s feelings is a betterway to dialogue towards the reduction of a conflict. The secondfeature is that players need to be acquainted with listening skills.It involves factors such as making attempts to recognize what theother party has to say followed by communicating what needs to be theultimate solution. Lastly, there should be establishment of workboundaries and guidelines. Policies are important in giving directionto avoid any probability of future conflict reoccurrence.

Whatcan happen if conflict arises?

Conflicttends to be challenging since it always involves some aspects ofdilemma. Just like in the case of Boston Ballet, conflicts can beinevitable because they accompany certain features of progress. Oneof the most severe impacts is that it can cause poor relationshipbetween team members as well as sabotage of duty.

Theinstance proves that the emergence of conflict can be detrimental toan organization and its stakeholders if the source is not solvedpromptly. Although some conflicts in an organization may beadvantageous, the general impact of disagreement can escalate intoindividual clashes, aggressive egos and chances of violence. Theoutcomes in the case of Boston Ballet are only some of the impacts ofconflict when it occurs in an organization.


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