Conscious Capitalism

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  1. People oriented way of organization is the best possible way of management. This type of management recognizes the essence of considering more than just profits in the running of business. The mode of management requires the top management and the ownership to incorporate the welfare of the organization staff as well as the employee before even thinking of the profits they ought to get. To be specific, Conscious capitalism is taken to be a better way of improving the business. This is seen in that calls for improved treatment of employees for an improved motivation and productivity (Mackey &amp Sisodia, 2013).

  2. There are various companies that have embraced the culture of conscious capitalism. Such companies have been seen to have improved greatly both in the profitability and also the social basis. Such companies include Container Store and Starbucks. The leaders of these companies formed a people’s network with the intention of informing each other on the need for a better management method. Such companies’ management agrees that the success of a business depends on how well the employees are treated, better than even how customers are treated (Mackey &amp Sisodia, 2013). Satisfied employees would mean satisfied customers which transform to better business and profitability.

  3. Such company embeds the spirit of higher purpose by taking into consideration the impact of the employees on the firm in the long-run. Higher purpose means going beyond just making profits for the firm, and instead doing it in style (Mackey &amp Sisodia, 2013). The firms strive to attain success by advocating for the improvement of the social status of the firm. The treatment of the employees is done in a dignified manner which motivates them to work smarter. This makes the employees more productive as the aspect of motivation sets in.


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