Contemplation and Awareness of God`s Presence

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Contemplationand Awareness of God’s Presence

Inthis context, we would try to comprehend the mystery of God`spresence. Through spiritual journeys and reflection of variousaspects which seek to shed light on the existence of a supernaturalbeing and ways through which it`s true. Furthermore, certainreferences ranging from individuals, practices, and scriptures depictthe reality of the situation. It opens up our minds on how we canrealize that and offer the space for contemplation to establish aconnection (Hollingworth351-352).

Moreoften than not, being aware of God’s presence is more of creatingtime to think and establishing a spiritual connection based onvarious circumstances. This practice ensures the cultivation of theact into our minds so as to build unification with God and beginrealizing his existence. It doesn`t necessarily mean physical contactbut on the contrary ensuring adherence of our wills by his ways andteachings. Concerning that, would be an example of the cloister walk.The book provides examples that illustrate God’s presence in theworld indirectly through various ways and interventions. It describesthe importance of Benedictine monastery and it’s relation to ourcurrent society (&quotGod`sWider Presence: Reconsidering General Revelation&quot52-4711-52-4711).

Anexample in the cloister walk to illustrate God’s presence would bethe part on the Virgin Martyrs. The chapter tries to illustrate thereality of the existence of God’s kingdom that leads to peoplemaintaining a strong stand for it. The martyr presents a picture ofa witness ready to defend the existence of something that ismysterious. This provides a reflection for consideration on thereality of God’s presence in our lives through values that lead tocertain people having a strong stance on.

TheBible, also, creates another reference for the presence of God`s. Anexample to illustrate this would be the instance when Israelitesdishonored the vow they had made with God. It is when they chose toworship a golden calf instead of God claiming that they suffered morein His presence than when they were captives. God’s presence isrevealed through intervention by Moses when he sought to preventGod’s wrath on the people which was to wipe away the entiregeneration. An aspect that can be derived from this story is how thetabernacle and the sacrificial procedures practiced in the OldTestament provided room for accommodation of the sinful ways ofpeople by God. This in turn provided privilege to the people and wasmanifested as God’s presence since it protected them in times ofadversity. This ensured his constant presence despite the sinfulpractices by Israelites and walked with them in each and every stepof their journey in addition to offering protection in differentcircumstances.(Głaz413-425).

Anotherwould be Megan Mckenna parable the arrows of God. In the book, sheuses demonstrations from various parables in order to pierce throughthe reader the reality of God’s presence in reflection tof variousaspects. To relate to that, an example, would be the parable of thetalents. In this parable, the author tries to demonstrate thepresence of God through the parable. It depicts of the differentresponsibilities that each one is tasked with and the more you getthe more of what is expected from you. In comprehending more, itopens up our minds to empowerment of service to others with a greaterfulfilment of God’s will.

Inconclusion, there is a need for reflection of individuals throughvarious experiences to be aware of God`s presence. It would involveestablishing a deeper connection that would enable learning fromdifferent areas and open us up to the reality and the need forconsideration of the issue.


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