Contrasting two Attitudes in Gun Control

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Contrastingtwo Attitudes in Gun Control


TheUnited States of America has grappled with the issue of gun controlin recent decades. Tragedies involving firearms have been on the riseover the past few years sparking heated arguments with both activistsand human right groups calling for reforms on the GunControl Act.The rising concerns of gun carry continue to surface because arms arereadily accessible in local stores and retail outlets across theUnited States than any other nation in the world (Sager, 2012).Critics have displayed contrasting views on gun control as somechampion for a strict and lean amendment to outlaw gun ownership. Aspecial category of advocates suggests a more considerate reform thanthe existing one.

The2ndamendment is a base argument to a large section of the opponents ofgun carry. The amendment has been interpreted to allow citizens topossess firearms and to enhance the status of their security. TheSupreme Court ruled in 2008 that the 2ndamendment gives citizens the jurisdiction to carry weapons forself-defense and allied lawful interventions (Johns Hopkins, 2014).The Districtof Colombia v Hellerwas appealed in 2010 but the court reaffirmed the previous ruling onthe case. Lower courts have consequently upheld the constitutionalityof the legislation in numerous cases. Some contend that, from the 2ndamendment, law abiding citizens over twenty-one years cannot belegally disarmed. Recent Supreme Court rulings further support thebill by disregarding laws that bar the possession of firearms.

Thesecond argument put forth by the supporters of gun carry focus on theissue of security. Some contend that possession of firearms offers asense of security. Recent incidents, like the shooting in Orlandonightclub where a security guard killed 49 people, indicate the needto enhance self-defense by vast populations of Americans. Criticsbelieve that in such high- risk scenarios it would be possible toavert the onslaught if some members of the Orlando night club werearmed. This section of contenders believes that among the mosteffective ways of stopping a security breach is to give citizens theright to bear arms. The federal government and law enforcement havefaced blames for failure to protect citizens from both domestic andforeign infiltrations. As a result, more people feel the need topersonally take action to protect their families through thepossession of firearms.

Anotherview, which supports the importance of gun carry, is the sportingactivities. Shooting and hunting practices are viewed as legitimatesporting initiatives that require skills and expertise. Huntingoffers a unique approach to curbing the rising population of specificbird and animal species. Some argue that the GunControl Actwill harbor sporting limitations due to stringent ownership policies.Guns are termed as necessary tools for communities living in harshtropic and sub-tropic environments. These neighborhoods rely on gunsfor protection and hunting hence, believe that the possession ofarms gives a sense of security amid such a vulnerable environment(Sager, 2012). As such, the views of the proponents of gun carrypertain to individuals and households that dwell in regions thatdemand a heightened sense of security and protection against wildinvasions.

Thefederal government collects over $123 million from arms relatedservices (Sager, 2012). Among the firearms-related services thatgenerate a considerable amount of revenue include licensing fees,firearm sports, gun collection, and hunting. It is clear that armsstimulate the economy of the United States hence the gun law facesincreased criticism. In addition, over 35,000 people are employed inthe defense industry making it a source of employment in the country– and thus the economic character of firearms is seen as a reasonto refute the gun law. It is further observed that if the gun lawlegislation is passed, it would result to grave economicramifications in the future. This is so particularly with the manyfinancial and economic returns tied to the robust firearm industry.

Basedon the views and perspectives discussed above, it is maturesupposition to note that the second amendment and other reformsshould be reviewed and amended. The 2ndamendment was passed in the late 20thcentury and was originally meant to minimize uncontrolled invasionsby militias groups. A primary motivation for the passing of thesecond amendment was intended to ensure the military reserved thepossession of arms due to lack of a Federal Army. In efforts toenhance both homeland and border security, States were mandated tosustain state militia by improving the possession of arms (DeFilippisand Hughes, 2016). I believe the 2ndamendment is outdated and should be reformed to provide a cleardistinction between collective and individuals interest to gun carry.The nation policies should reflect the progressive nature of thecountry and its entire people. The structure of the constitutionshould be malleable concerning the culture and social dimensions ofall American citizens. In fact, the constitution should change withupcoming situations and circumstances.

Itgoes against my conviction that the ownership of guns will enhancethe state of homeland security. Armed civilians do not necessarilyguarantee safety but offer a different form of liability anduncertainty. FBI research (Sager, 2012) further underscores myargument as evidence shows that in 160 incidents of actual shootingsonly one was apprehended by an armed civilian in contrast to 21 thatwere stopped by unarmed civilians. There is no doubt that guns do notguarantee security instead offer an illusion of security. It is notadvisable to retaliate in an active shooting without specializedtraining and tactics. Armed citizens mistakenly shoot innocentbystanders and fare worse than police officers. Up to this end, armedcivilians are not uniquely positioned to halt invasions or to curbany form of security threats. As seen above, citizens require aspecial training before confronting and counteracting armedterrorists and therefore gun carry does not provide any particularmerit.

Albeit,hunting is a legitimate recreational sport, gun owners, and huntersshould not parade firearms. They should as well be subjected to astrict gun ownership credentials before purchasing an arm. Handgunsand AK-47 rifles are not used in hunting yet both can be legallyprocured for hunting purposes (Schuman, 2015). I believe that gunstypes should be classified based on the level of ammunition and thenature of activities being undertaken. Hunting for food is rare todayand destroys the natural order of wildlife habitats – and thus theneed to tame the rising ownership of arms. The argument for guncarry, particularly, to enhance the nature of reactional hunting is aperspective that is not founded on logic. Rather it is intended tochampion the interests of gun enthusiasts.

Ina recap, there is a substantial burden on gun violence in theAmerican society. The rising incidences of uncontrolled shooting areattributed in part to the weakness exhibited in the current gunframework. Considerable loopholes have resulted in the establishmentof low standards for gun possession. Gun control should becomprehensive and unambiguous to reduce the number of armed civiliansand to keep firearms at bay from lay public. Constitutional reformson gun laws currently face disapproval from the gun lobby groupsincluding the AmericanRifle Association.These are organizations and groups with immense power and influenceover key American legislations. It is in this respect that I stronglysupport the gun carry law to minimize the prevalence of attacks andto create a more sensible and responsible society.


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