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Musicof the 1960s

Duringthe 1960s, the music world witnessed significant changes in theindustry, mostly driven by technological innovation and theadventures of the baby boomers. The cultural evolution led to therise of popular music genres such as rock and roll and soul (Kennedy331).Soul music remains popular in contemporary society and is part of mylistening menu. Music from popular soul artists such as StevieWonder, Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, Wilson Pickett, James Brown,Tina Turner and Solomon Burke provided great musical records thatcontinue to inspire thousands of people.

Soulmusic continues to be popular today because it has a multiculturaland multiracial reach. It was first introduced in the 1950s butbecame popular in the 1960s (Kennedy331).It combined cultural aspects from black, Hispanic and whitecommunities in America. Therefore, despite the racial and culturaldivisions in the US during this period, soul music provided a commonground for all races and cultures. Therefore, it managed to unitepeople thus gaining popularity since it had a universal audience(Wall61).Today, soul music continues to have a universal audience and ispopular across different cultures.

Soulmusic portrays passionate expressions on universal themes andsubjects. These subjects remain relevant today as they did in the1960s. Moreover, soul utilizes simple lyrics and manages to bring outcomplex subjects in a simple manner (Kennedy333).Soul music is appealing to the ear because it combines variousmusical aspects such as virtuosic vocals, bluesy instrumentalbackgrounds, and jazzy rhythms. It is one of the most expressiveforms of music and was popular in expressing the plight of AfricanAmericans (Wall56).However, the universal appeal and the unending thematic relevance ofsoul music make it popular in the present day.


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