Critical Thinking

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Everyperson is faced with a difficult problem at some point in life. Howone handles these issues is what determines the strength of theircharacter. The successfulness of people in solving their problemsdetermines their overall success in life. While other people are goodproblem solvers, others do not possess the skill and knowledge tosolve problems efficiently. Scientists and researchers have attemptedto develop numerous models and frameworks which assist people insolving problems. The Five-Step Model is such a model. It presents anorganized approach to solving difficult problems. The first step ofthe model is defining what the problem while the second phase isidentifying alternative solutions to the problem. The third step ofthe model is analyzing the alternatives regarding their advantagesand disadvantages so as to determine the most appropriate solution.The fourth step is selecting the best option among the solutions. Thefifth step of the model is implementing the solution and assessingits consequences to see whether it is solving the problem or not anddetermining whether it needs adjustments (Paul&amp Elder, 2013).

Theselected problem is unemployment. I currently have no job and thisproving to be strenuous since I cannot be able to pay my billswithout a sustaining job. I finished my bachelor’s degree in law adpassed my bar exam a few months ago. To solve this problem I need toget a job. But what job alternatives do I have? I can either beself-employed by starting my law firm, or I can look for a jobopportunity in existing law firms owned by other people. Theadvantage of starting my law firm is that I will be able to bring inmore income and also establish myself as a lawyer (Paul&amp Elder, 2013).Additionally, the idea of becoming my boss and not being orderedaround is very enticing. However, having established my law firm maynot be very easy because of several difficulties. One of them is thatI do capital for starting firm and acquiring this capital will not beeasy. I have not paid my student loan hence getting another loan maybe for starting the firm may be a problem.

Onthe other hand finding employment in another firm is fairly easy asit will only require me to market myself well to potential employers.Additionally, it will give me an opportunity to gain experience inthe field. One of the perks of looking for employment in other lawfirms is that I will have to be under someone as an associate. Anexamination of the alternatives reveals that it is easier for me tofirst get a job at an existing law firm. I chose to look for a job inexisting law firms. I first have to identify appropriate law firmsthat I can apply to. How will I be able to get a job in these lawfirms easily? (Paul&amp Elder, 2013).I have to market myself as a capable, ready to learn, corporative,hardworking and ambitious first-time lawyer. I can only be able to dothis by writing a good curriculum vitae, cover letter and applicationletter to the law firms I have identified as fit for me. Hopefully,marketing myself well to the law firms will land me a good job thatwill help solve my employment problem.


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