Cultural artifact at MSU

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Culturalartifact at MSU

Image1.0 MSU Spartans

Iwas quite elated to join the MSU. I was able to meet people from allwalks of life. As it was expected, people are bound to come in withdifferent cultures some of which could be picked up by lots of peoplewhile others could only be a reserve for a small group of people atthe institution. The university, however, has some cultures that areadopted by a significant number of people, yet they are so foreign tome, and I find it hard to adopt them. At times, I try them out forthe sake of curiosity, but I am not able to adopt them fully, despitemy incessant efforts and that of my colleagues. I have come to theunderstanding that cultures are different, and they all depend onindividual perceptions as well as the kind of exposure that a personhad before.

Oneof them includes the American football enthusiasm that students havetowards American football tournaments. I had no orientation towardsthe game before and was surprised to find that the game is highlypopular in the institution. The university has its own Americanfootball team that is known as the MSU Spartans, and it enjoys aconsiderable amount of following. It even has a Facebook accountwhere people could visit and learn about any upcoming events and pastperformances and results that the team has had. It also printsT-shirts, hoods and other clothing which students buy in a bid tosupport it and help to finance its activities. Most of the games arenormally played during the weekends and students come in largenumbers to support their team. There are also cheerleaders who comein to motivate the players while they are in the game so as toincrease their chances of winning the game.

Ihave attended the games several times, and the kind of excitementthat is normally on the field during the game is usually inspiring.People normally sing throughout the game, once it starts till whenthe game is over. They continue to do so even when it is clear thatthe team has lost and there is little chance that it could overturnthe results and make them desirable. The level of loyalty thatstudents show during the game is something to be envied. They usuallyseem to understand that in any game there is chance that a team couldwin or it could lose and they, therefore, get to the stand hopingthat the team will rule the day but still have an open mind that thereverse could actually happen (McMaster, Gill, Cronin, &ampMcGuigan, 2013). Such a mindset is quite different from what I amused to as I have always believed in performance and where a giventeam seems to perform below the expectations that I had, I could endup losing hope in it find it hard to continue cheering it.

Theone aspect that takes me aback is the kind of fanaticism that thestudents usually portray. They are always talking about it, andAmerican football could even cause arguments that may last long. Theyalso follow up the news that surrounds it from time to time. Such apractice is one which I find quite difficult to do. I fail tounderstand how people could be so drawn to following a single sportso intently (Freeman, &amp Brewer, 2016). This fact is especiallywhere the sport is not that popular in other places around the word.Some of the information gathered from colleagues showed that Americanfootball had been drawn on the minds of most local students. Theyhave been following up American football games from a very tender ageand they, therefore, find it quite easy to fit the enthusiasm of thegame in the university life. Other indicates that they have beeninfluenced by their family members and peers over time to like thegame. It is expected that such a case could happen as all that isexpected is an individual being exposed to something for a givenamount of time.

Inconclusion, it is important to note that although I find the Americanfootball fever in MSU quite surprising, I still hold the view that itis normal. I appreciate that people in different geographical areashandle issues differently and thus, all need to be acknowledged. Ialso like the fact that the students have chosen one thing that isable to unite almost all of them. The MSU Spartans are owned by theentire university, and one can be proud to be associated with them,especially in seasons when they are on a winning streak and theirstar is shining much brighter. The American football games alsoaccord students to find a moment to unwind and keep off the busyschedules that are normally associated with classwork during theweekends. The American football events also act as places wherepeople could meet and get to know as well as socialize with oneanother.


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