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Visitingthe Indian people proved that this ethnic group has many uniquesocio-cultural practices. Many societies in the world observe apatriarchal or matriarchal organization in their social activities,but the Indian culture seems to be an admixture of both systems(Narayan,2013).While it is the men who are responsible for the governance of thesociety, the cultural lineage is traced through the matriarchalsystems.

TheIndian religion is known as Hinduism, and it greatly influences thelives of the people, for instance, the Indians do not eat beef sincethey consider cows to be sacred animals (Narayan,2013).Adjusting to this culture was not easy on my own. I had to seek thehelp of some of the friends that I had managed to make. If it werenot for my friends, I would have been lost in a foreign cultureneither knowing their cultural practices nor how I was expected tobehave.

Similarly,an individual visiting the United States for the first time may beoverwhelmed by the cultural differences of the nation with those ofother parts of the world. Some of these differences include the typeof diets and the love for pop culture. It would take time for thepeople to adjust and heal from the culture shock


Theacquisition of some items in the society is associated with theascription to some particular social status (Hoston,2014).For instance, there is a full recognition and popularity for someshoe lines such as the Air Jordan sneakers in the American culture.

Peoplego through a lot of agonies to acquire these items since they havebeen attached to the modern American fashion culture. People havespent several days camping outside the product stores waiting for theshoes to be released. The symbolic importance attached to the shoesis that of being fashionable which influences the actions of theindividuals. People would do anything to ascribe to this status sothat they can interact with other individuals who possess the same(Hoston,2014).


Ascribed status

Achieved status




Talent development


Marital status


Ascribedstatus is given at birth while achieved status is a result of theindividual efforts (Hoston,2014).Those statutes that influence the personality are my master states,for instance, my ethnicity and gender (Hoston,2014).

Mystatuses have been varying as I advance in age and increase myknowledge and abilities to tap into resources. For instance, as achild, I only had the ascribed statuses, but as I grow up, I can addmy statuses through my efforts in education. Once I finish college, Iwould like to meet some objectives such as being a parent when am ofdue age and a competent professional in my career. I would like to bea rich person and a widely recognized and respected individual in thepolitical arena. These targets would expand my achieved statuseslist.


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