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RunningHead: DANCE


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Dancingis a passion to portray ideas blinking in mind, to show the emotions, feelings .&nbspThere are different type of dancing like hip hop,robotic classical etc.


  1. Water, Part 1,&nbspDance Film by Keone and Mariel Madrid.

Ina swan lake the group of girls initially move in unison like swan sare moving in the lake

  1. D-Man in the Waters,&nbsp(excerpt)&nbspchoreographed by Bill T Jones

Thetheme of the dance is like a PT(physical therapy) just like we aredoing in a school, each member are going in front of the otherfrequently and shows their unity.

  1. Movin` Out&nbsp(excerpt) choreographed by Twyla Tharp

Thedancers glide across the stage to show their energy and flexibility

  1. Heaven,&nbsp(excerpt) choreographed by Rennie Harris

Theyare performing different dance styles. . For example Thegroup of two dancers thoroughly place their hands meanwhile they aredancing low and next to the floor.

  1. Rich Man`s Frug, choreographed by Bob Fosse

Thegirl initiate the performances of her own dance moves with the twomen behind her. Finally the whole group joins them

  1. Appartement&nbsp(excerpt) choreographed by Mats Ek

Thisis a contemporary solo dance form and the girl is trying to show herfeelings through her dance.

  1. Meyer&nbsp(excerpt)&nbspchoreographed by Alonzo King

Theyare performing a ballet dance in a group with incredible flexibility.

  1. “Walklyndon&nbspchoreographed by Robbie Barnett, Lee Harris, Moses Pendleton and Jonathan Wolken”

Thedancers add details in their dance by adding some comedy act to makelaugh, for that they disgrace each other and make audience laugh.

  1. Desihoppers,&nbspWorld of Dance Finals 2015

Thelarge dance group performs kathak with some hip hop and robotic touchin unison.


1.In the&nbspAppartement&nbspand&nbspWater,Part1&nbspeachdance form is contemporary and they both are showing their emotionsthrough their dance .2. The&nbspWalklyndon&nbspandD-Manin the Waters&nbspuseaggregation by adding another dancer to the line.

3.Desihoppers&nbspand&nbspHeaven&nbspbothuse transaction, dancers thoroughly place their hands meanwhile theyare dancing low and next to the floor, they execute different danceforms on stage.

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