Dead and Loving It

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Dead andLoving It

Dead andLoving It

Question 1

Vampiresinterrupt the way of life of the living, and they are real as theyexist between this life and the next. The existence of vampires isaccepted underlying the belief of death and the afterlife. They arebelieved to kill the living. Essentially, vampires represent evil,and they disrupt God’s universal plan for humankind. In life, thereexist good and evil deeds whereby an individual can opt to takeeither course. However, each choice made has a consequence that iseither rewarded or punished in the afterlife. Most modern filmmakershave devised some vampire fictions to promote Christianity bypresenting them as agents of the devil.

Question 2

The article under evaluation is‘The Great New EnglandVampire Panic,` whichwas authored by Abigail Tucker. Primarily, the article revolvesaround residents of a particular village that neighbored a gravesitethey were convinced that their dead relatives were returning from thegrave to feed on the living. According to the article, the ideologythat vampires were rising from their graves to kill the living wasfictitious as most of the people succumbed to illnesses. Exhumationswere done by the villagers to stop vampires’ predations wherebyrituals such as turning over the exhumed vampire to face down in thegrave were done. Residents of these villages were superstitious andcould attend the ritual festivals in large numbers.

The high rate of mortalityexperienced in the villages was due to illness, but the residentswere ignorant to believe that vampires caused the numerous deaths.Their beliefs could not betray their conscience to the extent thatthey would exhume bodies of their dead relatives.

Question 3

The film is titled ‘Deadand Loving It’ thatfeatures Dracula as the main character. There also exists an alterego in the form of Dracula`s shadow. Also, Renfield acts as a lawyerwho arrives in Transylvania to become Dracula`s servant. The majortheme presented in the film is humor. The vampire is portrayed asfearless, for example, Dracula the vampire enters Lucy’s bedroomand feeds on her blood and later kills her after using mind controlto make her leave the room.

The society reacted profuselyagainst the vampire’s action and was set off to stop him as theydeemed Lucy’s death as unusual. Primarily, the slayer wassupernatural and determined to devour his target. The film wascriticized by numerous stakeholders as they found it to miss on thetargeted sense of humor, which is not depicted in the movie The filmhad some underlying message that included the supernatural nature ofvampires and love.

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