Dental Caries

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Dentalresearch attention has widely altered from the cause of the diseasesto how the disease upset general health. Despite all this, theincreasing proof on the effects of primarydental caries regarding the growth of children has beenneglected.According to the statistics, almost 90% of caries is common amongchildren worldwide and goes untreated. Ifcariesaffectsthe growth of children, then it is a dire need to come up with asolution to this menace. Dental caries that is well not treated thatcomes along with a toothacheand discomfort may end up leading to a lossofweight, life quality together with the intellectualand cerebral growth of children. Malnourishedinfants may end up developing dental caries more than the nourishedchildren.The effect is as a result ofhigh-levelsugar intake that destroys teeth through decay (Sheiham,2016).

Thenegative impact of caries to children livesincludes symptoms and functional alterations, such as chewing andspeech impairment, schooling factors, speech impairment. Schoolingfactors may include: preschool absenteeism, psychological issues,such as trouble sleeping, andirritably among other factors related to social interactions, such assmiling and refraining from speaking. School performance may alsodecline (Sheiham,2016).It is also evident that dental caries may not only affect thesubjects but may also influence the life of those living with them.For instance, the real close friends of the affected as the personmay mostly tend to be glum to hide the infection, hence, no freedomof expression. However, from the study too, it is established thattreatment of dental caries changes the life of children mostly byimproved prowess to sleep and eat well together with less pain amongchildren.


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