Depression and Rebirth

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Depressionand Rebirth

Thesessions people spend at the psychotherapy are ones of acceleratedgrowth, so much that it may exceed the experience of others in alifetime. It is necessary that the old nature of a person dies togive room for the new self to nurture. The process of giving up theold personal life begins when a person makes up their minds to visita psychotherapist. Furthermore, there is true meaning to havingdepression in that depression is a normal phase in the human re-birthpath. In our life, we must live and die as we shed off the old selfand accommodate the new person. The only time depression turns to beunhealthy and abnormal is when the individual gives up on thechanging process resulting to incompletion of the depression.

Mostpatients with depression do not consciously appreciate depression asa growth phase, and their expectation for things to return to normalnever receive any satisfaction. Hence, it is pivotal for us to giveup entirely on our old natures if we indeed desire to see a new lifefull of love. Upon giving up on self, humans can indeed find the mostdelighted and lasting, stable, durable joy of life. In far more thanwe expect, for all that is given up more is gained andself-discipline tends to be our self-broadening activity. Therefore,for an individual to possess unbound joy and love for life, they mustfirst understand that life is a pattern of births and deaths.However, the frequent occurrence of deaths in our lives may bemisleading to think that there would be a stage where the pain willbe diminished. Some experiences may mean the pain is tolerable inthat the pain may cease as a suffering and the persistent pain causesmastery. However, the pain will never diminish since such people havethe unmatched competence and their ability will call them to servethe world and their great love for the world will make them respondto the call. To them, the pain lingers since the ability to makedecisions with awareness is more painful than making decisions withdull awareness.

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