Description of People

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Human beings have general outlook and characters that qualify them tobe categorized biologically as mammals and specifically as people. Asnature would have it, people neither look alike nor have similar bodyoutlooks. Below is an analysis of three different people regardingphysical appearance, mobility, behavior, and body structure. Thisstudy takes note of complexion, height, length and color of the hairtoo.

Maysoon Zayid

Maysoon Zayid, in the video, is seated as she addresses TEDWomen inher presentation dubbed “I’ve got 99 problems and palsy is justone of them”. From far, one would only note that she is just ashealthy as any other person, but as you draw closer to her, you wouldnot fail to notice her shaky body. As she talks she has confidence,and Zayid is hilarious, but she tends to put one leg over the otherto maintain a comfortable balance on the seat. She stretches out herfingers on the left hand most of the time, and her lower lip lookslike it’s a little bit stretched. She can stand comfortably and hasgreat body coordination.

Maysoon is an outgoing person who is more of a comedian. Her talkskeep the audience in laughter all through as she narrates to themabout herself, her family and her past experiences in life. Maysooncan walk and stand without support which implies that she is mobile.Her physical appearance reveals a tall, light skinned, fat and darkhaired lady. She has an extended belly which looks like it has twocompartments.

Gabriel Iglesias

Gabriel is a male who is slightly shorter than the standard height ofan average American. He has a relatively wider body than most people.He is fat, and from a distance, one would say he does not have aneck. His head looks like it is just part of his body without theneck to subject it out of the body just like everyone else. Gabrielhas an excellent vocal variation and uses his prowess to entertainthe audience with the aid of his hysterical laugh. He moves aroundwith a little discomfort. Gabriel is light skinned, short, obese withchubby cheeks and dark haired. He has short arms and a relatively bighead.

Last video

In the last video. The lady has wide eyes which are the symptoms orthe effect of the diseases of the thyroid gland. She has an oval facethat is a little meaty. She has embraced her condition, thyroiddisease. She even calls out on the others with the condition similarto hers to come out and stand out just like her in the fight againstthe state. All through in the video, the only portion of her shown isthe face. She is a slow speaker as she takes the time to complete asentence. Her eyes vary, at some moment they depict her as sleepy,and the other minute they appear as if they are soon popping out oftheir sockets. Her face is light and shiny than all the visible partsof the body. She is a soft spoken person with great personality. Shehas long dark hair, and light skinned, and she also has a fat face.Her eyeballs are big and white with the pupil being darkcharacteristically. She can move, but in the video, she maintains oneposture.


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