Deviance in US Society

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Deviancein US Society

Deviancein US Society

1.Thesocial norm I challenged, how I challenged it and the setting inwhere the incident took place.

Normviolations refer to the familiar things that people commit on dailyoccasions but fail to do them in their correct manner. On my side, Ifound myself violating the norm of walking on the street minuswearing shoes (Conley, 2015). The instance here is not that somethingthat does on frequency basis unless the person does not have a homeor his or her state of mind is not okay. The truth is that each andevery one puts one some shoes when going out even if it is his or herlately acquired shoes or just to ensure the protection of the feet.In this regard, what I committed here was walking down the streetfrom my area of living and then back minus putting any form offootwear.

2.Thepurpose of the social norm in US society, the behavior is it meant tocontrol and the value it presents.

Withinthe US society, a norm such as this I violated is part of the rulesthat define the manner whereby the societal members tend to behave incertain circumstances. On a daily basis, a person always getsconditioned towards leading that kind of lifestyle in the manner thatseeks to avoid any form of the disorder (Conley, 2015). In thisregard, within the US, the norm like this I committed being one ofthose applicable in evading any social order, therefore, forms partof laws

3. How people around me reacted to my norm violation and the variationsof I reactions I received

Indeedlaws are the guidelines that help people towards the maintenance of aclean structure (Conley, 2015). In this case, it was indeed a shockto people when they could see a person of my age walking down on thestreet minus wearing footwear or any other protective shoe. Justimagine walking barefoot was indeed a bad picture to the people I metsince they perceived me as an individual who is I don’t care.Others to them also thought that I was not aptly straight in my mind.On the other hand, other characters thought that I was such that poorof not able to afford shoes. Consequently, some ended up donating tome some pairs as well.

4.Whetherthe norm that I challenged has changed over time

Presently,it is very hard for a person to walk barefooted in the streets. Withthe state of roads, it may not be easy for even one to manage for alonger duration on the scorching tarmac road plus also other healthcomplications that come with walking barefooted especially on thestreets (Conley, 2015). However, there are exceptional cases, ofthose persons that are not of sound mind. These individuals are stillbeing seen walking barefooted on the streets thus still continuing tobreak this social norm altogether.

5.Whetherthe norm is useful to society, harmful to society, or neutral in itsimpact

Walkingbarefooted has no any benefit to the society except only harm that itstands to cause to the individual that commits the norm. You walkminus protection on foot you stand a chance getting injuries andother infections altogether.

6.Thelessons learned by children from the norm and how they should behavetowards it

Allchildren must wear protective clothing all the time for them staysafe from injuries and possible infections that may harm them in thecase they fail to put on shoes.


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